Shellac and Spray Tan


Hi all,

Just received an E-mail from a lady who has just booked her second appointment with me (first ever shellac - last time was minx toes) anyway... she wanted to tell me she had booked a spray tan for directly after her appointment with me and know if the spray tan would affect her shellac - I was about to reply with a "no it won't" then realised I whilst a know about shellac know nothing about spray tanning and decided to check with you lovely people on here before I reply to her message!

I was going to advise her to just give the nails a wipe round with baby wipes or something similar after the tan to avoid staining or any other potential chemical interference to the nails (as i would re using sun creams etc!)

Any thoughts would be much appreciated as am hoping she will become a regular and wouldn't want to give her (or anyone else) the wrong advise!
Many Thanks! :hug:

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Klassy Klaws

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I do Shellac before Spray Tans all the time with no problems what so ever :)

One thing I do do is when applying the SolarOil at the end I only put it on the nail and dont rub it in down the side walls and cuticle as if there was a bit to much Oil on the skin it will act as a barrier and the tan wouldnt work.


I do Shellac before spray tan allot and had no probs.


Same here, I reguarly do Shellac, then take client straight into spray tan room.
Never had any problems. x x


Fab thanks guys n gals!

Will tell her thats ok then - thanks for the tip about solar oil too KlassyKlaws!



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I always put a little vaseline on nails when doing a spray tan, especially if they have acrylics on to ensure the nails won't be stained.