Should I Convert To Gel? Opinions Needed!!


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Jul 13, 2006
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I HAve been toying with the idea of converting to Gel (actually not sure if converting is the right word, learning how to do gel nails and adding this to my service menu!! apologies if it wasnt the right word!!)
I trained with Creative L&P a year ago and feel I am at a stage where I could cope with mastering a new system. Thing is I have heard mixed reviews about Gel one person told me it was much harder and a smooth result was near on imposible (she had been a L&P tech for 7 years) I personally love gel nails, the ones I have seen look lovely and I personally used to find them easier to wear.
SO I guess what I am asking is opinions on Gel!!
( Sorry geeks I knew what I wanted to ask but struggled to put it across there!!)
I think adding gel to your service menu is a great idea!:) Its nice if you can have the choice of systems to use. I personally found that gel was harder to learn, but initally it was because I was trying to treat it like l&p! Once you get over the fact that you have to be more gentle with gel (you tease it rather than pat/pull) it becomes much easier. I use Brisa gel and I find it very strong, as strong as my l&p enhancements, and the finnish is always flawless. Gel toes are a good thing to offer, especially in the summer!:) Hope Ive helped:hug:
I did my foundation course in L&P last year and this March did the Brisa conversion course.
I find Brisa very strong, I prefer the appearance to L&P and have no problem in getting a lovely smooth finish, and I have lost count of the number of gel toes I have done this summer.
Just my personal opinion of course but I don't think it is something you would regret doing.:)
I think doing a conversion course with Creative to do their Brisa system would be a great idea, as Adele said, I too have lost count on the number of Gel Toes I have done this Summer, it is beautiful in appearance, like L&P, but I feel it gives clients a choice........which they love! :hug: xx
Gel is a great system, go for it!

Very different in application though, but you'll be ok. And as had been said, gel toes this summer have been very popular.

A smooth finish is possible, there wouldn't be a market for gels if they were always lumpy:lol: In all honesty you will probably find it easier to master than l&p

Good luck with it if you decide to go for it hun x
gel wont be difficult for you to do if you can manage l/p.
although they are very different in application, with gel there is less of a rush to get it right so i think you'll do fine.

if gel were as problematic as you were told, there wouldnt be so many people doing it:lol:
i love gel!
once you get your head around the different application method you'll do great!
Thanks for the replies everyone, I have decided I am going to go with my initial idea and convert to gel.....although dare I say it..(please dont shoot me down in flames everyone) not with Creative!!! I am looking into Ezflow at the moment....I have trained with Creative L&P I think Creative are fantastic but I want to just give another product a go.....any geeks have recomendations on Ezflow or other companies??
Yes, adding gel to your armoury can only be a good thing....not everyone is suited to l/p.

Gel It by EZFlow is a really nice product to work with, great choice of colours for French, including a cover pink and I believe that coloured gels are on the way.
Thanks cathie I have had a look at thier products and they seem really nice, there were coloured gels in there too Im sure...
aint read all the thread, but if its what you want to do (to add a bow to your strings) then go for it, i personally hate gels - im an l/p person. but if it floats your boat flower - GO FOR IT
Thanks cathie I have had a look at thier products and they seem really nice, there were coloured gels in there too Im sure...
Have you ever thought about doing BIO SCULPTURE nails,i recently passed my exam and im having no lifting proplems like i used to with other gels,the products are are a little bit dearer ,but then you can charge more and theyve got an excellent range of colours to choose from,if you want any extra info.i ll let you know.
don't forget to look into the type of gel that you want...soak off...file off...colours...coverage gels...bright whites....soft whites.....not all companies offer all options.

amber did a great thread called what gel (i think)...look it up as its a great read.
I personally think that the more you know, the better tech you will be AND the more services you can offer. L&P is not for everyone and the same can be said for uv gel.

I have not yet leanred L&P, and am looking forwad to taking a course.
I LOVE my uv gel and will likely remain the 'primary' choice for me
there are some things that can't be achieved with uv gel that can with L&P and vice versa.

Do your research; determine what needs you want your uv gel to meet THEN approach those companies that offer that type of gel, try out a few samples...
Maybe meet up with a gel tech and see how they work...
And go from there.

Good luck!
There's nothing negative about gaining more skills and knowledge, only tonnes of positive benefits to reap from it.


(PS: I'm an ez flow lover too, after having tried about 6 or 7 different gels LOL)

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