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Apr 3, 2011
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Hi Guys!!
This is a bit of a funny one.
So I have many clients and one is a regular (every week) and she has become quite comfortable with me, so we was talking about bottoms the other day and I said she had a very good bum for her age. She was so happy with my compliment etc and it had made her day.
Anyways once I sprayed her she went out to her husband in her underwear and must have bent over, her husband noticed she had smile lines, which is the white line you get when youve got a bigger bottom just under your bottom.
Now ive noticed this happen before and whenever my boyfriend has tanned me Ive always been sure to bend over slightly. I never tell my clients to do this as I think they may find it a bit uncomfortable.
Does anyone else tell their clients to bend over slightly or anything? Or has anyones clients complained about this before? I want to give a perfect tan to every client and wonder if anyone else has noticed?
Thanks x
I tell my client to bend over to get the bits under bum cheeks lol I also tell them to lift up there boobs, no ones ever been funny about it x
I tell my client to bend over to get the bits under bum cheeks lol I also tell them to lift up there boobs, no ones ever been funny about it x

I do this too, never had a problem with clients being funny either
I always (if they need to) get clients to either bend their knees or lean forward (I choose one or the other depending on the client). No one wants smile lines as that defeats the whole point.
Clients are aware that if they have big boobs or large love handles for example, they need to be lifted or tilted to get all areas. There are ways to say this so as not to offend.
Ive always told ladies to lift their boobs lol!
But I just remember how shy I was when I got my first spray tan!
I dont want to make my clients embarrased etc x
Ive always told ladies to lift their boobs lol!
But I just remember how shy I was when I got my first spray tan!
I dont want to make my clients embarrased etc x

I just say, 'do you want me to spray under boobs, or spray what I see?'
But for those that have biggish boobs but not massive ones, I just get them to lean back slightly and lift their body and that does the trick. (I imitate this movement also, so they can see what I mean).
I too always ask the client to lift their boobs and bend forward slightly so I can get to the creases under the bottom. I'm sure they would prefer you to get to all areas instead of having white bits :lol:
those bits wouldn't get tanned in the real sun....
I find getting my clients to step forward with one leg at a time helps me to get the smile line without having to get them to bend over.
I also always ask clients to lift there boobs LOL :lol:
Am I being stupid but I would have thought that if you spray the smile lines/under the boobs, you might still end up with them White or possibly a bit patchy because they will crease as soon as the person stands back up/let's go of their boobs? I thought that as the tan develops it might rub off as the skin is rubbing together in those areas. Am I wrong? Because if so then I am going to ask my customers to bend over slightly from now on too.
You know your clients, some won't even take their bras off but some are happy with nothing on, just be relaxed and friendly and tell them to bend forward slightly so you can get the smilies and then let go of your trigger and lightly let the air blow for a few seconds to dry the initial spray
Asking a client to lean slightly forward and explain you are just going to spray their 'smile' lines was actually part of the training by fake bake. Most clients find it quite funny but I must admit if I did feel someone was not very relaxed I would probably wait until they were more at ease with the the process and ask if they would like it done then.

I always also ask the bigger breasted ladies if they would like to lift their breasts up, which they seem to appreciate :wink2:
D you get them to lift their boobs up before you have sprayed anywhere near them? Otherwise they'll get tanned palms won't they? I just spray where the sun would naturally tan them. I had one client with very big boobs and I tried to get under them but I know she ended up with darker patches underneath.
Yes if I spray under breasts I do this before anywhere else, and I protect their hand with mine whilst I do a light spray. It also helps if you have a hot air setting as you can very quickly just dry underneath as well.
For 'smile' lines I just ask clients to put one leg forward and it completely opens up that area and then I get them to change legs. I do this with every client.
For bust, I ask them to put their hands up as high as they can and this will get under the bust. If they are big busted then the sun would never get to this bit anyway. I do have a couple of clients that will lift their boobs up without me saying but I don't want them getting any solution on their hands. You can roll a towel up and get them to lift their boobs up with this whilst you spray underneath.
I am big busted and when my husband sprays me, I just lean right back.
I always ask my clients to bend slightly so I can make sure they don't have *smile* lines, I also ask them to stretch their arms up to spray under the boob area without them getting Tan on their palms. (it quite often produces a giggle which eases the nerves):)
I've always got them to bend forward to cover smile lines. Who wants any white bits if your paying for a good tan! I also get them to put their hands above their heads with their palms touching to cover under boobs or love handles etc... I never say why I just do as I do the same to every client. I doubt they feel embrassed if you don't make and issue of it! They'll think it's just the norm!
I always get them to lean forward a little to get the smile lines.
If they are large busted I always tan under there first and get the client to lift them, if they are average/smaller I just get the client to reach to the sky when doing the front and do them then.
I get the client to put one leg forward...then the other and lightly spray smile lines...with boobs...I always start tanning at back then sides then front working from legs up...I get client to lift boobs..spray tan tummy..underneath boob area...dry with hose..then tan boobs...using this sequence no tan then on palms😊😉
I tell my clients to bend over the same as lifting there boobs up if needed so the not left with White marks

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