Soon to "own" my very own car!!!


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Howdy peeps!!

First off, have MISSED YOU ALL OODLES!!
It's been crazy busy with business and my little one commencing school and the younger one in pre-k.
I'm still trying to sort out a balance and a routine!
I do try to check in regularly, but am only able to glance about.
So sorry :cry:
I promise to be more regular soon!

Now, on to the GREAT NEWS!! We have found, through a friend a GREAT 2nd hand car. It's only $500, for a 94' GrandAm. Mechanic checked it out and said if I didnt' want it, he'd take it. Only a few minor repairs to be done!
I take over ownership tomorrow. I'M SO EXCITED!!
Ok, it's red, and I detest red (yes, I KNOW my hair is auburn, but that is NOT the same thing LOL)
BUT it's a 4door, runs great, nearly no rust to be seen... can't wait!

NOW, just have to take my actual driving test, and pass! I had cancelled my initial appointment because I sucked at parking, and didnt want to waste money to fail it.
Sooo will probably take my test in mid to late October.

FINALLY AT 36, independance is soon to be mine! I am sooo psyched, I could cry. I'll no longer be dependant on others. Will be able to take girls to school, do more mobile clients, etc.... There is NOTHING I hate more than imposing on others for travel, and then having to wait around on people that aren't punctual. Makes me NUTS!!

Know what else this means?
It means that when the funds ARE available, I'll be able to go take my L&P course, no problemo!!! WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

I know you're all happy for me. I sooooo can't wait!
Thanks for listening and for always being there when I gripe about travel issues.

giant hugs to all

PS: no, I did not forget about xmas etc.. but been overwhelmed, news soon to be posted re: secret santa.
Thats great news hun, every thing sounds to be on the up for you at last,
lots and lots of luck with your driving test :hug:
and it is good to see you back
thats such good news victoria, no wonder your excited chick, only problem is its red, urrgghhhhh my first car was red, i refused to drive it lol, hubby wont let kids wear red or have red things in house (honestly)

anyway hope everything now falls into place for ya hun xxxxx
Good luck hun!! :hug: And you feel so free when u have you´re licens and car, it´s one off the best things I have done in my life!!!!!
Sounds fab Victoria, good luck with your driving test hun xx
Thats great Victoria - I know things werent so easy for you earlier on this year but I just have a feeling in my water that this is now going to be the start of the whole new and successful you!

Go Girl!
how fab is that ! good luck with your driving test hun :hug: (i hated doing mine ) one thing , if you get nervous take some rescue remedy ! i took it and passed :lol:
Thanks everyone, so verrrrrrrrrrrrry much.

And yes, at the beginning of this calendar year, I was very very much in the dumps and life was a challenge.
But over the course of a few months... things are looking up.

THANKS again for sharing in my happiness

Victoria this is great news love!

Always look on the bright side of life (even though it may be dull)

Now go out there girl and get that licence you so desperatley want and you so much could do with to make your life a little easier.

Wishing you the best of luck for when the day comes and congrats on your new car :hug:

Later this afternoon, money & bill of sale change hands THEN we're off to the SAAQ (Societe D'Assurance D'Automobile de Quebec) to register 'MY' car in 'MY' name.
That's the other part I'm hyped about. It's in 'MY' name, 'I' own it. I'm very proud of myself.
All the scrimping and saving to pay for learners permit, and set money aside to buy one and then repair as necessary, blah blah.

It's hard with two wee ones. Granted, hubby pays for house and that stuff. But I pay for all the schooling for both of them, and school supplies and other odds and ends. While hubby might be the major contributor to 'household expenses', I hold my own as best as I can paying for school and college savings plans for the girls and that sort of thing.

It's been a struggle and a lonnnnnnnnnnnng wait.
I can't begin to express how excited I am.

Giant hugs all around

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