Spray tanning - tunic or not?


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Jun 20, 2008
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What do all you tanning peeps wear when spray tanning, i am fed up of putting my nice salmon pink tunic in the wash?:hug:
if you've already got a tunic and your clients know that's what you wear and you clearly wanted that image for your business (or you wouldn't have bothered with a tunic to start with) then why not invest in a black tunic so that when you have spray tans you can still wear a tunic but you wont have to worry about washing it constantly? tunics really aren't all that expensive :D

i think tunics look very professional, but i also think something like black trousers and smart top look professional too. but if i had booked a spray tan and somebody turned up wearing a polo top/jeans/big jumper for eg. i wouldn't be very impressed, just like when i go to a salon and i don't expect to see staff wearing non smart dress. but that's just me. x
Erm, would you really advocate that she doesn't wash her tunic every day? That's the least you would expect, even from one that was black.

On the plus side if you had a black one it wouldn't show up tanning solution as much
well yeah to be honest, i think every other day is perfectly ok (of course if there has been any spillages or any visable dirt like mud flicks from rain/puddles or childrens sticky fingers/animal paws etc etc then of course make sure it is washed). i'd assume she would be showering/washing each day (and it goes without saying changing all under clothes) and would be wearing deoderant so i don't see the problem? i can't say i've ever been out all day and come home thinking i absolutely must wash these clothes right now because i am smelling disgusting. maybe nivea really is all that good after all? haha :D

I thought i asked what to wear, not to whether i wash my clothes or self for that matter, i meant, logo t shirt - acceptable or not ? etc etc :hug:
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We are salon based so we wear our tunics to do spray tanning (we have 2 sets of uniform each) and we also have name badges which have our logo on.

With regards to t-shirts etc, we have a lady that uses our salon to do permanent makeup and she wears a black tshirt with her logo in bright pink on the front with black trousers and it does actually look quite nice and professional. I would imagine its very comfotable too.


I'm in the same position - currently wear pink tunic but thinking of changing to black trousers and black t shirt (with Sienna X logo on) and scarf (as seen on Sienna staff at Manchester) looked really professional but the t-shirt would be so much easier to work in... Don't know what to do! I think either look good - just personal preference!:)
I have pink or black tunics with my mobile name embroided on and I love wearing them
i wear a black tshirt with my logo on...
I have a tunic but have also had a black fitted t-shirt embroidered with my logo, I tend to wear this for tanning as it's cooler than my tunic and i always get hot tanning, lol, i have had lots of good comments when i wear it, i think it looks just as smart as my tunic x

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