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Sep 14, 2005
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Since becoming a member on this site...i have laughed with you...cried with you...been shocked with you ....and been encouraged by you..
plus a whole lot more...
In the last few years I have made more friends ...genuine friends some I have never met and sadly may never get to ...

The GEEKY bond !!!

I have changed from a petrified newbie...into a comfortable well planted member,

You have all taught me the kindness of human beings...I hadnt really ever came across before....

You have taught me how to react to kindness ...its hard to explain what i mean....but
if anyone in the past was kind to me....i was always suspicious...because there was usually an unterior motive...
So I didnt know how to react to it,
wheras now i know true kindness, Im learning how to accept it and be truly greatful for it...

I feel like I am finally becoming ME ...not just someones daughter....mother...girfriend ..but I am an EMMA lol

You all mean the world to me...

But what made me think of posting this a conversation I had with my 11 year old daugher before ,

she came downstairs before and saw me bagging nail art stuff up..
and she said
"what u doin mum"
i said
" well a lady on geek does nice things for people like young mums and other young people who need help having some fun etc..
and asked for nail art bits for them to use to have some fun..and give them something to focus on also just to give them a nice day....

so im getting some together to help out...if we all send something she will have plenty for them"
and she said
" aww i see..thats nice, i wish i had a group like the geeks mum, you are all so kind and you're always helping each other out"

and i thought she is so right
Theres always support of some form on here nails or not...

theres always some one somewhere if not a bunch of you to help out
so not only have you made me realise how unconditionaly kind people can be...but you have also made my children realise ...

If only the rest of the big bad world...could take a leaf out of the geeky book hey ...

Now I promise not to write my emotional waffle on the boards again..and i'll keep it to my journal lol...

Just a good thing to think about...a little bit of kindness can go a long long way......
doesnt only stick with the person you are kind to...but spreads to others around them :hug:

mabey its time for another " smile at everyone you see day "
(anyone remember that lol )

god cant you tell its totm :lol: im keeping tissue sales up this month anyway ...:green:

(havent a clue what i have done to the text hahahahah)
What a beautiful and eloquent thing to say............and I couldn't agree with you more.

Much of what you said rings true for myself.

Giant hugs to you:hug: and the rest of the zoo we call salongeek:green:
you are so right, just the smallist gift of kindness makes a gient amount of diference, heres a massive hug for your daughter:hug: (and you ov course)
here here spoke word for word for all of us...thank you for reminding us that us geeks stick together through thick and thin....and i have never come face to face with any of you so how loyal you lot are....thanks again for writing this :hug::hug::hug: for us all xxxxxx
God damn you, you made me cry again!

:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: for everyone on salon geek and all my special friends, you know who you are xxx
It's so true I feel close to so many of you and yet I've never met any of you.
Here's to the geeks:hug:
Made me cry again too! What a bunch of soppys we are!:green: Big hugs to all my geeky mates.:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
aww bless ya hunny :hug:, :green: dont go making me cry i cant do with it , i look bad enough as it is , :lol:
~~Emmsy rips in half her very last tissue from box of 5000 and passes half to sals ~~

You are all right ...the kindness I've gotten from this site amazes me :eek:....I only wish peeps like all of you here were a bit closer to me in person leased I can count on you here at the geek ..(talking to everyone now ) .....Thank you so much for everything !!:hug::hug:

and pass that box of tissue over here !
** Pass them tissues to T**

sniff, sniff x x x
And on to Vetty (no used ones though!) :hug:
I have made some wonderful friends on here, had some great advise, had a lot of laughs and shed some tears..................
Long may it continue:green::hug::green:
I couldn't agree more Ems when I became a geek I was welcomed straight away and could even mention my illness without being judged. Geeks helped me out with kindness and without wanting anything in return When Ade was very very ill and in hospital and I was sad and lonely the messages and words of kindness helped me to cope. The times I have had lovely presents sent to me have reduced me to tears the fact that people some I have never meet have been so kind and caring towards me.
Before I became a geek I was in and out of hospital and at times with no one to talk to I became sucidal :cry: Since finding this site and such special people I have been so much better because I have lots of friends and ones that dont judge me or avoid me.
I think when Samuel started this site he could never have seen that the site would be a chance for stranger to become friends and ones that would be there for one another through good and bad So I would like to thank him for making this such a fab site and one that I believe actually saved my life :hug:

Ems got a spare tissue ?
think i'm gonna need a big box of thos extre big thick tissues if you all carry on

you are so right i have met some fab people on here that under stand me better than my family and i have only met a small handful of you face to face!!

i think the biggest thing on here is the support we get from each other, whether someone is feeling down or struggling both in business and personally.

i think we are all very lucky to have this great site to turn to in our time of need :hug:

ooooohhhh pass me them bloody tissues!!!!!:cry:
Made me cry again too! What a bunch of soppys we are!:green: Big hugs to all my geeky mates.:hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:
Yes you have done it to me too, pass the tissues :cry:
this is not a web site it is a family full of really lovely people that i am proud to be a part of :hug: X :hug:
this is not a web site it is a family full of really lovely people that i am proud to be a part of :hug: X :hug:
could'nt agree more ....
We are family Ive got all my sisters with me (and a couple of brothers):hug:
Couldn't agree more. I dont post very often but when ever I need help or a cheer up there's always something to read to help or some Geeks who jump in. Amazing, all of you :hug:

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