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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
due to the recent re emergence of negative posting by a certain individual, (altho' i must admit i've been right behind geeg), i thought i'd lighten the mood a tad.
i've been sitting here trying to reduce the ever increasing pile of paper work :( while listening to mtv, (as u do!)
"yeah" by usher came on...
i was instantly taken back to a day in the middle of march, in the middle of a massive hotel conference room with 250 cnd ambassadors from around the world...
all morning we'd been on the edge of our seats listening to the great doug schoon doing his thang!
b4 breaking 4 lunch we'd been told to return to our rooms to recieve a clue to an exciting new product that we were going to see a preveiw in the afternoon.
we found...
a pink woolen scull hat (think justin timberlake, enrique etc) with cnd logo, & the name of the new product on it.
a red tatoo of the name, with instructions to put it where we thought showed most attitude!
a red marker pen.
back in the room, awaiting with anticipation...
"YEAH" by usher is let loose at full volume......
all the team creative members(they're the really cool guys & girls from around the world that help to organise these events & make them go with a swing) came into the room dancing aka home boys!
they r usually dressed imaculately in black/white suita etc, so it was quite a shock to see them dressed like they were in an eminem/usher video!!
as u may b aware, the geek has recently grown his hair, add the pink hat, very baggy jeans, and a hoodie, & the dance moves befitting the music...
get the picture?
the whole team were dancing on chairs, tables, the stage!
they were GREAT!!!!!!!!
i will never forget the times we all shared at that global conference, some of the events may come back to haunt me as i've got a feeling someone might b looking for retribution!!!
this proves the power of music, cos every time i now hear that record, i'm instantly transported back to that moment!

hopefully this has put a smile on a few faces, & we can get back to the business of enjoying this site!
liza xx

Well thats a picture in my head now!!
Well said liza lets all get back to what we do best and igore the bad bad person!!
i've just remembered that i should have some photos of the geek & us all in germany.
if i manage to workout how to download them from my new all singing all dancing
camera, i'll get ruth to put them on here!
liza xx
You have got to put some pics up, to cheer us all up on a monday morning!!
i will try to sort out the pictures as a matter of emergency!!
liza xx
Yea Liza, you send them to me and I post them...........can't wait !!!!!!!!
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