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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hello everyone
I am in abit of a pickle! I ordered some stock in order for the christmas rush, however i still have loads left over!

the problem is i am on a 30 day invoice, so i need to pay the companies very early on in the new year.

i dont want to put it onto ebay purely because i will be breaching my contracts but is there any other way of getting rid of this stock?

any ideas will really be appreciated!

Geekbay while its still here or is that in breach too? Can you not get longer terms for payment if you explain whats happened, they may well say no but if you don't ask you won't know:hug:
if it's untouched stock why cant you sed it back?
In breach of what contract? I always say that stock is dead money. More often than not it goes out of date and you end up losing money.

Wouldnt it be a good idea if there was a site for professonals, lke ebay?
How about advertising the parcel on gumtree!
What are the products?
Maybe some fellow geeks on here mite be interested!

Emma xx
also remember, that this week should be your busiest week for selling retail as people are either panic-buying or have left it until they have to part with their cash. I'm very much like that, I only fork out when I really have to, although it is inevitable.
How about offering a free treatment with every purchase over a certain amount eg, £30 ?

Depending on how busy you are you could either let them have the treatment now or to be redeemed in January. That way whoever is buying a gift for someone gets a treat for themselves.
at the salon where i work, if a client has a facial and buys any 2 products, she gets her next facial free. it's a rolling offer too, so she can build up a nice skincare range :)
Ah those ideas are great! I have some of the st tropez and dermalogica holiday sets left. Generally things have been quite quiet for treatments which is why im finding it difficult to retail the stuff!

Its certainly not my busiest time of year!

I never buy on credit terms......I buy what I can afford to buy then there's no worry about paying for it later, unless you have sale or return!

Good luck and I hope you sell the lot this week :hug:

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