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Oct 3, 2007
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London, Ealing
Hello everyone!!!

I placed an advert in our local newspaper last week with a 15% off coupon. Yesterday i had a call (while i was in the shower no doubt!!) and a mature lady was enquiring about manicures and pedicures. I told her that its £20 for a normal manicure and £30 for a luxury manicure including a paraffin treatment. She then said "oooh dear thats quite expensive isn't it?" which i then replied "well everyone in Ealing charge roughly the same". I didnt know what to say as i know that i am a tiny bit cheaper than the salons in ealing but i dont think that my prices are really expensive are they? The lady said she will think about it and i just thought i got out of the shower for this?!

What does everyone else think?

Just take it with a pinch of salt hun, there are always people who want some thing for nothing,
if she isn't willing to pay your price then she misses out on your lovely treatment, her loss.
When i get people like this i tell them that if they want a cheaper treatment, to go to the local college where trainees need models at a fraction of the price, but to also understand that they are training and the treatment will not be 100% like it would be in the salon, strangely enough after this most people don't mind paying the going rate hth
your prices are good hun...take no notice off the public...they push there luck all the time...(like i do!!!!!!!!)people always want a bargin and new clients are the same....stick to your gun,s and if you dont here from her again,then its her lose xxxx
Its ironic,as Rich and i were only talking about pricing structures moments ago....LOL:lol:

I think you charge accordingly,so i would not worry,£30 is a reasonable price to pay....people pay that,and more for thier hair,why should nail care and enhancements be cheaper...:rolleyes::confused:

Im pricing my CND treatments at the higher end,as,its professional,quality,and the service that client is getting from me.

Stick to your guns,and dont drop your pricing.:hug:
I had exactly the same thing said to me a few weeks ago. Thing is, I charge what I charge, and it's not that different to what others in my area charge, so why should I change my prices to suit one or two people who think it's too much? I have a living to make! :)
i sopese if thats right for your area then thats what you should charge otherwise you would be underselling your self, i think if you elive thats a fair price for your time and work then go girl.
TBH people like this are a pain in the bum - its not there place to tell you the PROFESSIONAL what your time is worth. Ignore it, they'll be other people who dont think you charge enough. You cant please everyone.

Becki xxx
I know that I don't do nails, but what you are talking about is universal.

When someone says something like that, it knocks the air out of you like you've been punched, and then you spend ages questioning yourself, your abilities and your worth.
but it does get better, you stop taking things personally and put a biz head on. If someone had said that to me years ago I would have automatically offered her the treatment for half price AND THEN resented doing the treatment. Also once you do it for that price, then you are stuck doing it for that price.

At the end of the day, if you went to kwik fit and got your car repaired, you would pay the bill without questioning. If you go to the dentist and have treatment, you pay whatever you are told.

YOU know that you are not the most expensive in Ealing, so why are you apologising?
How many years did it take you to qualify? How much money did you spend on your professional education?

Are you a professional?

Then take the rough with the smooth. That lady probably cuts coupons out of the paper, she just wants something for nothing. do you want that type of client?
Ah thanks everyone!! Thats made me feel a whole lot better! Its just hard sometimes when people do say things like that and you just have no idea what to say in a professional and friendly manner!

As for my training, it has taken me 1.5 years for my NVQ level 2 and im doing my nail technicians course at the moment!! My course did set me back at least £2000! And then i had to set up my business etc! Its costs a lot to start up! I was doing my NVQ whilst doing my degree at uni so i have taken this year out to focus on working and seeing what i like doing and next year if i want to go back to uni i will but im just gonna see how this year goes!

thank you all for your replies.
Well there you go then, you've answered your own problem. You have several thousand pounds to recoup before you even start making a profit. Your time and training are worth every penny of what you charge, and probably a whole lot more too.
Hold your head high. If people want cheap treatments they WILL get what they pay for. You are much better than that.
Next time you get a call like that - say to them 'if its cheap treatments your after' then tell them to go to the local college for reduced treatments after all they always need models to practice on.

And you will feel better that you have actually helped someone out and saved yourself that 'oooh am I too expensive' feeling.

Stay positive.

Next time you get a call like that - say to them 'if its cheap treatments your after' then tell them to go to the local college for reduced treatments after all they always need models to practice on.

And you will feel better that you have actually helped someone out and saved yourself that 'oooh am I too expensive' feeling.

Stay positive.

That is a cracking answer to give to this type of person, you will always get one, they are just after a discount and it wouldn't matter what your prices were this type will always do this and quiet frankly they are the sort we can all do without because usually no matter what you do its never good enough. And you never seem to be able to get rid of them once they become your client:lol:
I think it also depends on how long your treatments are.

I charge £16 for a Classic Mani (45mins) £22 for a CreativeSpa (1hr) & £26 for a Deluxe Mani which includes heated mitts and lasts for 1hr.

I couldn't really get away with charging anymore as there are three spas in my area & there manicures start around £25 so tbh I wouldn't feel comfortable charging the same price.
If someone starts a conversation with "how much ... " then you know you are going to be too expensive!

However for example, our SpaPedicure is pretty expensive for around here, but we tell people either you can have a basic pedicure for 25 euros, or our luxury SpaPedi for 35 euros, "90 minutess of pure heaven for your feet" ... when you word it like that they realise that they are getting their money's worth and then some ... and we do loads of them.

... and then there are always those that want you to pay them to have it done, or sometimes it feels that way!

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