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Lisa x
Jan 9, 2006
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I seem to have a tent problem :irked:. Its been fine for ages but now seems to have some kind of twist in one of the side edges and won't go down properly. I can get it in its bag but doesn't look as professional as before.

Any help appreciated :hug:.
Are the sidebars twisted?this sometimes makes it look like a kidney shape.
Also, i was having big probs with mine and i got lots of advice 'tanning cubicle dilemma'.
Hope you sort it out :)xx
Have you stood on it at all or shut the car door on it at anytime? This could have buckled the framework? Once the framework has buckled, I don't think there is much you can do about it. Just a thought Lisa.
I had this problem and it wouldn't go down, I got it down after 8 attempts and phoned the stcc who sent me a new one in replace of the twisted one. It's not good and not professional is it when it wont' go down? xx
my tent wont stand up anymore, its twisted. I think its just beenin the bag so long its warped!
Tanning tents are the bain of my life lol
i put mine up about 3wk ago to do some spray tans and i still haven't managed to get it down,
pips and her friend both tried when they came over for their nails doing and they couldn't get it folded down either
it is now living as it is in a corner of the salon but it doesnt look good and I'm stuffed if any one wants a spray tan party
Its definitely not been damaged which makes it more frustrating if anything.

Thanks anyway guys.
Oh dear!
Mine has seemed a bit odd lately.
I have never had a problem putting it down before (normally about 30 seconds), but the last time it easily took me a good 5 minutes.

I hope it's ok!
I had problems with mine but I just kept perservering. I bend it (as though halving it) then keep on pushing it down till the side start to fall and quickly push it down. Iv had mine about 3 years now and the frame does twist.

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