Very proud of my nail biter client ! (pics)


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Sep 14, 2005
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The first picture was taken in october last year can see her nails were only a few mm long ,
yet almost a year later she is doing so well, she is very proud of herself, And I am proud of her too,in the second lot of pictures, this is how her nails were , when she arrived at my house today.

she hasnt had enhancements on for 2 weeks at all, she didnt even get an urge to bite them, although she is a little obsessed with her solar oil now lol
can only be a good thing...



and today !!!!


wow she has nice nail beds actually...and the bulbous finger tips have gone. Thats a massive improvement.
I bet she is delighted Emma :)

Its surprising how quickly the nail can repair with some TLC huh?

sorry me being think as usual, have you taken the custome blend off and these are now her natural nails?
Fantastic Emms, omg those nails were horrendous at first :hug::hug:
Wow..... Well done lady client!!
sorry me being think as usual, have you taken the custome blend off and these are now her natural nails?
she hasnt had enhancements on now for 2 weeks , these ( last 2 pics)
are her natural nails , as they were when she arrived at mine today before her manicure,

today all she had now was a manicure, and i overlayed her 2 forefingers and her thumbs, as they are the most damaged and are quite rough at the sidewalls,they catch on things , so I overlayed them

shes coming again in two weeks, and we are going to give her her first EVER natural nail french polish ..

I actually have some questions
this lady was wondering why, her nails are quite patchy coloured,
some of her free edges are whiter than others, some look derailed too , but i said this is probably as the nail plate is still attaching to the nail bed,

and as for the uneveness on her pinks,i said im sure this is perfectly normal , due to the circumstances ,

do you think bubble white will help with the free edges mabey even them out a little ?

I advised her to mabey get a nail whitening pencil to apply for now, untill her next appointment ,
she is coming tomorrow to cut my childrens hair .

she also said , when she shows people her nails now...they at first assume she has had a bad nail technician as she has redish patches on her nail bed...
and shes like "omg nooo, its the other way never seen them before i started having my nails done " :green:

So I do think this lady is living proof that enhancements do NOT wreck your nails all !!!!!
a little mix of professionalism and following aftercare and plenty of solar oil ( or liquid gold as she describes it ) and your sorted !

her nails are strong, and are evening out nicely,
it has taken a year to get them to this stage, but when you consider she has bitten them all of her life ...its not bad going really is it !
Wow much better now ems :)
just goes to show the almost permanent damage that can be done to the nail bed.. I doubt they will ever look like normal un-bitten nails (nail beds) but she has done so well not to gnaw them off again!
wow i reember when she first came to you , what a difference !! well done you mrs :hug: xx
Wow Emma, you're a miracle worker! They're looking 100 times better, bet she's really chuffed. Just have to make sure she doesn't slip back into bad habits with the slightest amount of stress which is what I tend to find when I've done clients like this!!
wow Emms well done - what a transformation.

Just one question - what was she like during those first few months of wearing nail enhancements?
Very well done to you and to the client, both for helping her break the habit and for breaking the habit .:hug:
wow Emms well done - what a transformation.

Just one question - what was she like during those first few months of wearing nail enhancements?
She was fantastic hun
she followed all after care, kept regular appointemts, came to me with any problems (not that there were many)

The very first time I did her nails I told her they may only last a few days before they may have broken ,due to the condition of her nails , and the fact it was my first proper nail biter set, 2 weeks she only broke one on a car door !

She is also a hairdresser so I did predict problems with this client...but Nope she has been fantastic all the way through,
shes very interested in the care of her nails, and always asks anything that crosses her mind,

I'd say to anybody give nail biters a chance ....they could turn out to be your most loyal clients ...this client says having nails has actually changed the whole way she thinks about herself and holds herself etc...
she has done so well ...and I know that if she ever go's to bite, she will be straight back for enhancements !
she knows what she has to lose......confidence !!!
good for you emms... its nice to know with all the bad rep we get in our industry that this is one step closer to showing what a true professional can do

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