Wax on my couch!


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Apr 9, 2010
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I stupidy never put towels down on my couch and just put couch roll and I dripped a blob of warm wax on the couch. I didnt want to touch it as it would prob make a mess and I was in middle of a waxing also.
I left it a while and now I cant get it off!
What can I use? I have tried picking but its not shifting!
Also I have a small blob of eyelash adhesive too, how can I get rid of this? Just happened today so not attempted to get rid of it

Surgical spirit hun will get both of just pop it on a piece of cotton wool and rub over and it will come off and take the sticky residue off xx:hug:
Amazing thank you so much!! :hug:

I dont have any so will have to try pop to tesco tomorrow on a break if I get one and get some! xx
You can actually buy a specific solution for getting wax of your equipment, i use it to clean up my wax heaters, mine is just a cheap salon sytems make. Otherwise i also use my jasmine oil that i apply to skin before waxing, this also works for removing wax. HTH
I actually have a cleaner! Didnt even think to use that! That will save me some pennys! Thanks!
It might be an idea to invest in a couch cover.
Yes I think I will need to get 1! Thank you for reminding me :hug:
Get a clear plastic couch cover and don't use towels for waxing xx
I have not seen clear plastic couch covers! Where can I get these from?Are they comfortable for the client to sit on? Sounds much better than using your nice towels!
I only use couch roll when I'm waxing. If I do drip some, I either put a strip over it (so the client doesn't stick to the table) or fold a bit of couch roll over it. I also use wax cleaner afterwards to clean up my couch if there's anything that missed the couch roll. Getting wax off towels is a pain I'd rather not be bothered with to be honest. hth :green:
Thanks Kim I will definatley be investing in one of these!! xx:hug:
Seraclean from Sallys and Perron Rigot solvent are brill kept in a spray bottle for keeping your equipment shiny and fresh, removing dots from your tunic(test first), couch cover, towel etc. Allow to dry thoroughly before washing. Also try cooking oil - but beware of slips - use with care on the floor!


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