Waxing reaction Itchy? What should I do?


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Sep 19, 2007
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Hi there jsut wondering if anyone can help me. I did a facial wax on a client the other day and I saw her the next day and she said it was red and itchy. It wasnt all over just under 1 side of her chin? Is it definatley me who has caused this? Is it an allergic reaction to the wax? What do I do?! I use the clean and easy roller wax system and not had this happen before and I am really embarrassed?!
Anyone got any ideas??

Thank you!
Did you wax her upper lip, chin? Without any reaction?

If she has got this "reaction" say in one area only and it is minute and you are sure you followed correct procedures, I personally wouldnt worry. It may be an idea to look at the wax you are offering and explain to her when you see her again that you will use a wax for sensitive skin on her and even go as far as to ask her that if she could pop in for a patch test sometime convienient to her.

The client may have applied perfume to the area, gone swimming, may be a flea bite that she is scratching.......you never know....I would however make a note on her card and when she comes in next time....do a patch test with some sensitive wax.

Hope this eases your mind a bit
Was this the honey original or one of the others.Must say i'm not keen on anything but honey on the face as they are very coloured and perfumed.
If it hasnt calmed down she could take an anti histamine.If this doesnt help then its probably not an allergy.She may have just scratched her face or touched it with something on her hands.
It's hard to know if it was you who caused this with your waxing. If you feel you followed correct procedure then did she follow correct aftercare? Did she spray perfume on the area by accident or touch it alot or apply some other cream? It is not all over the area you waxed so it is not likely to have been your fault. Tell her to show the chemist or go to the doctors, the best thing is for her to get the correct treatment for the irritation. Call your insurance company too and they may be able to advise you further :hug:
Has she had the area waxed before?
Yes she has had waxed before. Thanks for all your answers I do feel miles better!
I know the normal policy is the customer is always right, but, I have heard some clients before get it very wrong. (One in particular told me they used Dettol as a cleanser)

You can do an amazing treatment and they could be really happy with it at the time, but the second they leave the door you cannot guarantee that they will look after the area proberly.

Most of the time it is because your skin can feel a bit itchy after waxing, as we all know, it is hard not to touch it. Before the client leaves they are touching their bag, purse, money, door handle, car and I dread to think what they have touched before they come to the salon. That bacteria on your hands can be there all the time so you just have to advise your client not to touch it.

The best thing to do is have little info cards with aftercare advise on, hand them out to clients who are new to you and just very quickly run through it with them. Some clients who find their top lip very sensitive after, I give them a cotton wool pad with some aloe vera on to leave with. I tell them to use that if they need to touch it.

I hope that makes sense. I have rambled on a bit here. Sorry!
It sounds as though she has a case of Folliculitis. It is an infection of the hair follicles. Most infections are superficial, and they may itch, but on occasion they're painful. Superficial folliculitis often clears by itself in a few days.

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