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Kerry's Nails

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Nov 2, 2007
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These are my sister in laws nails - she came to stay for the weekend from the city and we were bored LOL.
They are Gel - with a mixture of light coloured glitter.
She has very ski jumped nails normally, so I did the best that I could to hide that.
She normally wears L & P from a nail bar !!!!!!!!!!!!:irked:, and she couldnt stop commenting on how " I didnt hurt her once" whilst she was being prepped, filed and shaped" LOL, she explained that normally she has red spots and rings of fire from the E Drill they use. And, then asked why the stingy smelly stuff didnt hurt her ??????? She meant the primer/nail dehydrator !!!!! I told her I have never heard of it hurting anyone !!!!!! - IS IT MEANT TO :eek: ????
So give it to me straight - I know they look a bit hippy or flared even, but she wanted them that way (squarish look) rather than a shape more suitable to her hands and natural nail bed shape.



Thank you in advance for any responses or advice.
Well done on converting her - hope you have a client for life now.

I agree with what you said about being a bit hippy and some of the free edges look a little thick but overall I would be pleased with them. Shame you didnt have a before picture too.

Well done.
yeah what a shame you did not have before and after pics......they look good huni xxxx
I think they look lovely x
i think they look great.cant comment on apex etc.. as cant really see them in the pictures.great job would love to have seen a before photo though.im sure was really pleased.:)
Thanks to you all for your replies and comments.
Tash was very happy with her nails even though I knew they were not perfect and wasnt overall happy with the end result. But she knew that, as I told her what I didnt agree with about them. (great thing with family, you can be blunt and straight to the point lol)
I cant wait for her NN to grow out a little to try sculpting on her, she has naturally flared and ski jumped nails - she could become the perfect guinee pig for me to practice on lol. Shame she lives 5 hours away !!!!

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