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Aug 22, 2007
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I'm in the process of designing my new practice room in the new house, just looking into flooring as I need to remove the carpet in there. What do you have in your home based private practice / salon?

At the moment I have laminate, but I'm just looking into what is available.

i am just sorting mine out too.
i was looking at laminate... but at £15.99 per square metre... :confused: of course thats the only one i want.
i have started searching for a lino lookalike...
i'm hoping this will be cheaper, but still look as nice.. also i like thethough of it being slightly cushioned xx
I've got a good quality laminate, easy to clean, especially if you're messy like me and drop wax on the floor! It's quick easy and cheap to replace if you do have a big mishap!
So why not stick to what you've had before Or you could go for a nice tile with heating underneath.
Underfloor heating would be yummy....

I have a light commercial laminate. It's pretty waterproof. You need to be careful with cheap laminate as water spills will ruin it, also it will be much more prone to chips if you drop something on it.

I have a vinyl that looks like laminate in my bathroom, it's fine, but I think if you use vinyl it has to be laid on an absolutely smooth base to look good. (An advantage of vinyl is that if you spill water it has nowhere to go!)
Yeah I have light commercial laminate at the moment, just wanted to make sure no-one has found a brilliant alternative.

I've looked into underfloor heating too.


I have a decent wood laminate down...but am currently in the process of changing to Karndean flooring (a really decent lino impersonator).

Would recommend this as it looks superb, comes in hundreds of variations from wood, stone, tile, etc type look and really easy to clean.

Benefit over laminate being there's no gaps, no expand/contract movement of the wood floors.


hi, dont forgret for health and safety u need a non slip surface! xx

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