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Aug 1, 2005
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Had a play with stillettos today and am contemplating doing a full set of these for xmas day. Completely impractical but want something outstanding for xmas day. What do you all think?
oh and please excuse peggy (wooden dowel), she's been a faithful companion for many years.
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WOW LOVE IT, was gonna say something about your awful fake tan when I noticed it was Peggy lmao.

Well done and keep em coming xxxxx
A full set though, hmm. Good excuse for getting out of the washing up!
Truly stunning nails Sheryl, as always ... how will you be able to make a full Xmas dinner with a set of those btw :lol: ?!
Cheers guys:hug:
haha rach I don't use fake tan, we have this funny little orb that shines brightly down here.......it's called the sun. hahahaha
:lol::lol:I don't do the washing up, hubby does and he likes to cook the roast lamb for christmas. So I shouldn't have too many problems. LOL
Fanastic always:) how long did it take you?
absolutely fantastically stunning... 10/10

but how the flippin eck would you not do damage to yourself with a full set of them LOL...???!!!!

I love the design though....pretty design and pretty colours...xxxx
scrummy nail.
i did think your client had very dry skin till i saw 'peggy'
good idea for a round the clock model though.
looks interesting, perhaps a full sets could be called "santa's claws"
Wow fantastic!! So clever!! :)
Gorgeous nail Sheryl... :D

but remember you'll have to go to the loo when wearing a full set of them :eek: lol
that is amazing.its beautiful.how long do you think it would take you to do a full set of those? i was thinking the same thing as sandi "going to the toilet" also what about opening xmas presents after all that is the most important thing on xmas day :lol:. if you want something people will notice and that are abit ott then i think you should do them,i think there lovely
amazing hun.....very well done xx
Absoloutley beautiful Sheryl :)
Cheryl,i am a HUGE fan of your work,but please don't put these on your hand,you do amazingly beautiful nails,without all the jazz :D :hug: x
:hug: Thank you all :hug:

I'm not too sure how long it took as I had to stop every now and then to deal with the children (teenager on school holidays). mmmm yes I am wondering about the damage that I could do to myself. lol
lol love the name nailzoo 'santa claws' hehe
very good point there Sandi, mmmm lol
I plan on taking a whole day to do these lol if I do them that long, might do them a bit shorter, lol probably about half the length. If I do I'll post another picture of the full set, mmmmm must show hubby how to use the camera lol.

Must add that this was inspired by the work produced by the european nail techs
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gorgeous as usual :)
gobsmackingly beautifull:hug:

great work

amb x
wow,i love it ,hope my work gets as good as your and ill be over the moon.x:green:
That is STUNNING......wow.....I'm jealous....:green:...seriously...well done, you are very talented!

Sue x

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