Your my mentor (split)


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Apr 28, 2003
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You`re definitely my mentor, geeg. Its your sound advice that has made up my mind to do a creative course, I hope I do some sculpting on mine too

edited june 5th 23:11 GMT by the geek. This was in the 'training thread' and thought that it was going off topic so I split and moved it to chatter. Toodles.
hi, ure definetely my mentor too...this board is fantastic...i feel so lucky to have found confidence has shot up in a week...i struggled for months with other training but since my creative conversion it all just seemed to of fitted into place and i cant believe how different and confident i am feeling...i want to do as much training as possible with creative coz i want to be the best i possibly can....thanks for all your advice...vicky x
You are definatley my mentor or is it motor?????
You keep me just at the right revs and ticking over nicely
Love ya loads
Ruth xxxxxx
that I think you are all very lovely for saying this about Geeg (or mum to me! :oops: ) - she is a humble person who can get embarrased about all these comments - purely because she LOVES to teach so it's not a chore for her to help us!! I think she will be very touched by all your words!! Thank you from me too!! BTW she has been my mentor for hmmm 34 years - oops I really mean 28yrs - not :( :(

:sunny: :thumbsup: :salute: :salute: :salute:
just wanted to say that with all geeg's words of kindness and wisdom she feels like a mum to all of us nail techs

:D :D
i second that, i look forward to your post geeg as they are always full of wisdom and knowledge. Also you tell it like it is, if its not right you say it there and then i like people who are honest and give good constructive critasism. It makes us all better teks................... thanks geeg for the lovelwy person you are. i have two main mentors and thats mother dearest and geeg, i also admire samantha, sam, ketan patel, antony buckley to name a few.............. :oops:

love faye xx
I look forward to your are precise in what you say and it is easy to understand. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Yep agree with you all (where would we be without her)
Take care Dawnie xx
Well ... I am overwhelmed ... but I feel I must reply and say thank you all for reading what I write and I'm so pleased if some of you find inspiration, courage and a little wisdom from my words.
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