Any One had a nightmare day with the floods


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Jun 11, 2007
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in the night garden

I'ts been terrible to day, iv'e been through loads and it's scary, as my car is quite low down and small , big nasty trucks have drove through them really fast.
Yep ive had a sh!ty day with the floods, quite alot of rivers and becks are on flood alert near me.
What is usualy a 10 min drive to get my son from work turned into a 2 hr journey as every route was bumper to bumper and at a stand still after schools closed and busines's closed early.
My aunt as been evacuated and my cousin is knee deep in water with sewage thrown in after the man hole in her garage lifted and flooded her bungalow.
My garden has flooded and the swimming pool has overflowed and so much water has come in through the kitchen that my laminate has swolen up and is now lifting:irked:
Oh my god thats awful, Im near Leeds and Bradford Airport so all the country Lanes were quite flooded.

I cam home at 3 and havent been out again it was so scary.
I'm in a suburb and ok, but lots of friends and my OH and OH's mum all have houses in various villages nearby, and they are flooding. Lots of people evacuated!

Very scary.
its still raining here too

silly me tried to drive to town, went through the first 'puddle' took a look at the next and went home, I've got sand bags at the garage door but think it'll be ok they say the worse is over .......
my brother wasn't as lucky he has had alot of water in the house that has covered the whole down stairs .. lots of cleaning up to do xx
My hubby was stranded in Leeds - no train to get home.

Thank fully a work college with a 4x4 said he would drive him home. It took them almost 4 hours then this poor guy had to drive home to Warrington, so goodness knows when he will arrive home tonight :(

It is quite frightening how the elements can disrupt and cause such chaos and devastation.

But at least he has got home... unlike the poor chap in Hull who died when he got trapped down a drain. I really feel for his poor family :(
I can't believe it it's so sad.

You just never know what can happen from one day to the next
Yes... we woke up to a huge puddle of rain water on our bedroom floor - this time we couldn't blame it on Cadence!

There is a fair sized crack in the ceiling plaster and Dave reckons the Slates on the roof have moved... so I'm praying there isn't any more rain tonight!
Just want to send big :hug::hug: to all the geeks and their families that have been affected by the floods. Hope everyone is ok.
Just want to send big :hug::hug: to all the geeks and their families that have been affected by the floods. Hope everyone is ok.
I'll second that.
Our village borders the River Don, the canal and a fisheries. My hubbie spent until midnight last night trying to help neighbours save their possessions and towing people out in a boat.

I'm just grateful we live further up the village.
Just watching the news, I thought i had it bad when my cellar flooded....nothing compared to what's happening in Sheffield and the surrounds....hope everything turns out ok for everyone....makes you realise why you really must keep your house and contents insurance up to date.

Global warming and climate it the start of a new era!
well I've watched the news in the past and always thought how sad and how bad..... but when its on your door step and your family have been effected its far too close to home ......... but many are far worse off for me to moan just pray every one's OK xxxx
East Yorkshire pretty badly hit too. My house was flooded on Monday..just ripping up flooring and trying to mop up the smelly, mucky mess that's left behind now it's slowly drying out. However, we are once again on flood alert from a swollen river about to burst it banks..thank goodness for contents insurance..and God bless those people worst hit than us!!
Just re-reading this post..dated 28th June..and here we are..23rd July & homes still being flooded & peoples lives still being turned upside down. We are currently trying to find accomadation, as we need to move out of our home for at least 8 months while the flood damage is repaired. Looks like a caravan on the driveway...which will make Christmas a bit of a challenge..maybe have to downsize the decorations this year! :lol:

We are no further on from being fooded on the 25th June, so my heart goes out to those going through it now..the insurance companies are so inundated they don't know what day it is, but at least we are a few weeks ahead in the chain as it were..keep your chin up all those who have suffered're certainly not alone!! :hug:
My heart goes out to you :hug:. I can't believe the things we are seeing on the tv. My Sister has no electricity, or water. The supermarkets have been giving out bottled water, but they have now run out of both water and food. Keep safe everybody :hug:
I have been flooded at my old house before so I can sympathise it was frightening all my furniture and carpets etc was a mess, I was lucky that I never have been affected as many as some however the council have now given everyone in that street sand bags as help (why can't they just make the sewers and reserves bigger)

Anyway look at these that my friend sent me in case I get flooded again :confused: wonder if anyone has got these

Hope everyone is okay and recovers from the floods evenutually

lol love the shoes!! :lol::lol:

But I hope that everyone who has been affected buy the floods are at least safe and well. :hug:
Not nice. We had it bad a few days ago and my garden started to flood. Was about an inch from the air brick which comes in to my lounge when it stopped. The hail was soooo bad that i had to use fridge magnets to put a towel on my fireplace as they were coming down the chimney and melting on the rug!
Thing i might just keep the rubber dingy at hand the way my luck has been going.

Lol, Gemini..lurving the shoes!!! :lol:

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