BEWARE - I've had a bogus call from the "Police"


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Aug 29, 2007
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bradford, west yorkshire
Hello everyone

I dont know if this is a local thing to me or what, but I though I would warn you just in case.........................
I just had a phonecall asking to speak to the proprieter of the business (they probably got my number from the yellow pages).

The caller said they were calling from the police, and were publishing the Police Programme. They were asking local businesses if they wanted to place a message in the programme wishing the Police well, and this message would say from........ then state your company details by way of an advertisement. Obviously, he wanted some payment for this, and this just didnt sound right to me, so I declined, and rang the police for verification. They put me through to their hoax call department (didnt even know they had one!), and they told me that:

1) The police would never cold call.
2) They would be more specific than to just say they were from the police. Any phone call would be backed up by a ref number, caller name, and caller ID number.

I'm glad I declined, but I wonder how many didnt?

So, if you get a call from the "police", dont pay them any money!!!!
thank you for sharing

the funny thing is there will be many business owners that may fall for this trick and part with their cash
Last year I was recieved a similar type of call but that was from the fire service... I didnt take them up on their offer at that time, but I am wondering now if this was also a hoax? Makes you wonder what the world is coming to, doesnt it??
Last year I was recieved a similar type of call but that was from the fire service... I didnt take them up on their offer at that time, but I am wondering now if this was also a hoax? Makes you wonder what the world is coming to, doesnt it??

We had the same call from the fire service last year too! You dont know who you cant trust these days do you.
i had one like that on my mobile about ten months ago, sounded strange so didnt take them up on their "offer"!

we had a call about 2 weeks ago from the television...saying we could advertise with them as they were doing a programme about the local bingo hall!!!! ....thanks for sharing all of these xxxx
OMG, I got that phone call when I first opened 9 weeks ago. I got a message to say that PC somebloke had rang and asked if I would advertise in their mag.
Thought it a bit strange, but texted the mobile number back saying for them to ring me back.

didnt get a call back, but I would have said no anyway but felt that I ought to acknowledge the call.


they did a feature similar to this on The Real Hustle a few backs, where someone actually went into workplaces WITH someone dressed up as a police officer and they handed £400 there and then.
thanks for sharing that. I had an automated message today on landline from an accident helpline, saying we are ringing about your uninsured losses we will ring back within a couple of days. !! xx
lol i got one yesterday from the fire service , have had loads before now :lol:i just add em to my list of freaks that phone me up :eek:
Yep, we've had a similar one from a supposed local children's charity that reputedly helps children that are victims of social and domestic abuse (doesn't exist!)

As a thank you from the 'kids' they wanted to offer me pride of place on their new calendar for my home town. Athough I had to give credit card details money would be taken until i had seen and approved the ad! Yeh right!:rolleyes:

These scamming b*stards have no shame - they will use anyone.
Youd think they would be making enough money from reforming.Arnt they touring again this year.they should pay for their own programmes ..bloody cheek.
hmmmm, theres lots of dodgy beggars out there. My husband regularly gets emails on his business email address basically saying "You've been approved for the loan you recently applied for, please reply with details of your bank account and sort code, and we will transfer the money into your account"

yeah. Course they will. :confused:
Actually, I'm going to start a new thread about telephone call management, as this is becoming a bit of a bugbear for me..........
Thanks for the warnings, I read this a while ago and didnt pay too much attention, but abouth half an hour ago I had a call form someone saying they were the police and asking me to advertise in their local paper, ande alarm bells rang, so asked for phone no. etc. He would only give me mobile no. and wasnt keen on that. Rang police immediately, who said it was not them.

It looks as if these people are trying again !!!!!!
This seems to be a big scam that is all over the country. Is there perhaps someone we should be reporting these phonecalls to? Trading Standards? Does anyone have any ideas?
BE WARNED ! I had the misfortune of succumbing to this scam in my early years as a tech, but I did not agree to be included in the magazine I made a point of stating I was under no circumstances committing myself to anything I was assured that A sample of how my ad would look would be sent to me for my approval if I wanted to continue with the advertisement I would contact them with any amendments and a payment which was about £100 (I think). I was then asked as a security measure to give my date of birth ????

I was then asked if it would be OK if the guys supervisor called me back in a few Min's just to check that I was happy with the customer services and information I had been given I was told call was being recorded for training purposes.

I was soooo naive. Supervisor called me back asked me to confirm my date of birth which I did (this was to seal the deal or my fate) then just few general questions "Were you satisfied with information give" etc.

Never received anything for approval instead an invoice to pay! on receiving it I rang and stated I had not agreed to any ad etc etc etc. To cut it short I contacted trading standards they had received many complaints and were investigating the company (cant remember who it was but based in Birkenhead). The company told me that when I confirmed my date of birth this was confirmation of my order I was giving my approval for the ad to go ahead. I asked as I knew I was entitled to for a copy of the recording I was adamant this had not been made clear or even mentioned to me. I could have the recording at a charge of £50.00 in the meantime my refusal to pay was getting passed to the bailiffs - I got scared paid the invoice and have learned a valuable lesson at a cost.

I was so angry but afraid of a bad credit record when just starting a business. Sorry to go on my advise is just dont entertain them.
Have had a call and a visit from the Police thisafternoon, who have also just phoned to say that have done some more research on the company, they are a genuine magazine company, but the publication they are pushing as being a Police publication seems a bit iffy. It may have that sort of content, but is not sanctioned by the Police etc. and the advertising costs are very high, but they are not actually doing anything wrong - but beware, they are obviously going round the country.
Thats funny because i had one this morn from the ambulance service. I had read these threads some time ago so i was prepared, the thing is they dont give you any time to say not interested they dont pause for breath and he made out he called me last year etc etc, i just said no thanks and put the phone down
I've had loads of these calls, police fire etc. The thing is I would never advertise in a small rag mag kind of thing as I wouldn't expect it to bring in any money.

I think there are companies out there who actually work alongside the forces doing kind of fundraising - but again I wouldn't support it.

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