Brazilians and Knickers?


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Mar 10, 2010
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Hi all
Ive been trained in intimate waxing but it was around 5-6 yrs ago and I was trained that the clients wear paper thongs.

I have just watch Lori Nestore and she demonstrated both male and female without any knicks/undies at all? .It was a dvd by the way other wise i would of asked her lol.
I know some people do wax with knickers on (ie the clients, waxers usually wear knickers but I'm not judging) and they say it's useful because it can be like an extra hand if you pull the edge tight.

Personally I think it's all a faff, and as long as the client doesn't mind losing all dignity, I think just get em off and get going.
When I have mine done they use paper knickers as a client I probably walk out if I was asked not to wear any!

It is a psychological thing, like a comfort if I didnt have any disposables on I would feel so uncomfortable, but with that flimsy bit of paper not really covering my dignity at all it just seems more professional and in my mind not so rude :o
Although it is a fairly old DVD, Lori does not do brazilian waxing male or female with the client wearing underwear and I am sure she prefers me to train this way also.

It is much easier to do it without.
i use pants on
I trained with Kim Lawless (the wax queen) and she advises to wax without underwear.
I'd be wary of getting wax on them too. :smack:
IMHO they get in the way and, after perhaps the first time, clients are OK with it.
I trained with Kim too and can't imagine faffing around with knickers! x
Thanks Everyone for your info
I do knickers off but I give the client a choice - I say I prefer to work without them on but if they feel more comfortable they can keep them on. I've never had a client keep them on yet.

It's much easier without them on but you can work around them if you need to. I would certainly tell any client that wanted to keep them on that they may get wax on them - although they'd be pretty silly to wear their best knickers to go get waxed ;-)

KNICKERS OFF!!!! As I always say, 'Leaving your knickers on is a bit like to going to the hairdresser's and asking to leave your hat on.'

Ask anyone who's trained with me and they'll all agree that it's the best way to remove everything. xx
wow! I don't get waxed regularly but any time I have it's been knickers on. Don't know what I'd think if asked to cast them aside entirely. Must say though by the time they're edged aside sufficiently they are covering no diginity whatsoever. Lol


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