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Hey there everyone just wondering has anyone had any experience good or bad with clip in hair extensions human hair ones not synthetic..thanks in advance

p.s. thinking of getting some as my hair is quite fine..

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Clip-in extensions can be a great, if temporary, way of adding volume and length to your hair.

You're absolutely correct to go for human hair extensions as you can treat it as your own hair, use heat and style them as you would your own hair.

If your hair is very fine you would be advised to use small - medium clips (just so they dont show through your hair). Many people prefer to make there own clip-in extensions so they can use the correct size clips and match the hair correctly.

Clip-in extensions need to be applied everyday (if you want them in that often). They do not need to be washed as often as your own hair - they only need "freshening" up as and when depending on how ofter you use them. Always wash and condition using a mild shampoo and conditioner and always give them a good brush before washing.

They are a good introduction to other types of extensions as they will give you a good idea on how to maintain human hair extensions if you go for other methods of attachment in future.

Hope you enjoy them!

love them :) put them in in seconds and i'm away.

i sell them too, so if u want to compare prices check out my site, addy is in my sig

My friend has some, she has just a bit longer that shoulder length hair, so she wears them to make her hair look longer, they look lovely! she got them from ebay, I dont think its real hair but it looks it!


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hey guys i ordered some through a reptuable seller, i hope they are as good as what they looked, they are black as my hair is dyed black...but eventually i will go back to blonde so can they be dyed blonde...i mean im sure they can but obviously black is a hard colour to get out so would they be difficult to get that light..hhmmm ?
anyway will post pics if they look ok should be getting them next week fingers crossed. they are 20" ones so a little bit longer than my own hair.


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I hasten to add that although clip ins are wonderful things, giving you the best of both worlds, they work much better when being clipped into a track....a very fine micro braid, if sectioned properly and keot fine and neat you cant see it at all. If you think about general gravity it makes sence to have something more solid to attach the clip in to....Jeez...I hope that made sense!!!

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Dyed from black to blonde? You'd have to bleach the hair and would probably end up wrecking it. Usually you can only darken extensions, not the other way round- best advice would be to buy some new ones at the time!

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do a search for clip in hair extensions as i know there is loads because ive posted some info on them.there great and i love thing i did do was get my hairgresser to cut them for me so that they blended into my hair i said though do a search as ive put more info in other posts about the same subject.xx

hiya id been using the glue in ones but when they came out a bit of my hair did too:cry: so now use clip ins everyday and looooooovvvvvveeeeee them!!


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When i decided to grow my hair from short (and im talking less than an inch) to long it started annoying me as it got past my ears so i bought some clip in extensions from sallys.
i took them to my hairdresser who clipped them in and cut them into a bob style that blended in with my own hair growth and it was great.
If it hadnt been for them i would have given in and had my hair cut.
Its now a year since i started growing it and its nearly shoulder length at the front of my bob and ive had regular 4/6 week trims to tidy up along the way.

For me clip in win all the time, the things you can do is endless and they are not permanent.

Ive known too many people use the glue in ones and they have still got bald patches to this day.

I use clip in extensions and i love them. They are easy to use and are great in a quick fix. Human hair , definitely.:)

Can i order online from Sallys??

tracey louise

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I have thick hair though,will this make a difference,will the clip ons look thin and straggy??
; )


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I bought some clip in ones and they were fab, felt really heavy on the head though and gave me a headache if i wore them all day........

The hair was so good that i had them cut off the clips and bonded in ......

Champagne xx

I used Sensationnel on my wedding day - had them all curled and my friend supplies so she colour matched them to my own hair. They were hot to wear all day, but I did have a huge princess frock on as well!! Most of my female relatives guessed, but my own husband, who LOVES my hair, didn't realise I'd added an extra 4-5inches to my own hair till I told him on the beach four days later!!

I love them :)

PS. my friend lost chunks of her hair with bonded extensions, and she supplies them so she knows how to treat them and her hair is in very good condition. I'd always go for clip-in.


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PS. my friend lost chunks of her hair with bonded extensions, and she supplies them so she knows how to treat them and her hair is in very good condition. I'd always go for clip-in.
Hi, this should never happen, as any fully trained good extensionist will know extensions should never damage the hair,

if your friend has lost chunks of her hair this could be because of poor application or bad removal techniques by an unqualified person,

or even harsh tugging with brushes or straighteners afterwards

this really should never happen ,
Were they done by a fully trained and qualified person ?
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