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gillian w

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Oct 4, 2006
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I said i would get my daughter her own nail colour set for christmas.She is doing nvq 2 beauty therapy at college.Im going with creative because eventually i would like her to do the creative nail enhancement training as i think she has a day or so with them at her college but obviously not enough to be proficient.
Anyway what colours to start.Id like a bright red,a burgundy red,french wht and maybe two colours to go with.Something for older people and neutrals that go with anything nice browns and then maybe some brighter summer or toenail colours.
For a pretty french with a bright white.
I would say creme puff ..and beau
then moonlight and roses.. this can be worn alone or over a french ..its like an irridecant shimmer I have not come across anyone yet who doesnt LOVE it...I always wear moonlight and roses over my french toenails too...just makes my feet look prettier xxx
Spike has always been the most popular with my clients. Negligee and Beau popular for French. Happy Day and Strawberry Smoothie popular with older clients. Hope that's some help x
:hug:As has been said Creme puff (bright white) and Negligee for a standard french, Bijou de Loulou for a more natural white, as Ems said Moonlight and Roses and Beau are great instead of Negligee.
Brown Sugar is a beautiful neutral brown.
Rock Royalty is really popular at the moment, as I think dark nails are very now, but this is purpley, so fashionable aswell.
Company Red is great and an all round fav of my clients, everyone loves a red nail!!
Dark Secret is a great deep red/burgandy, and it looks fab for Xmas with a glitter over the top like Pulse or Northen Lights!

hth's xxx:hug:
Tutti Frutti is a bright 'Barbie' pink
Hollywood is a lovely bright red with a bit of sparkle
Spike & Red Baroness are both nice, rich and 'Chrismassy' burgundy reds
Dont forget to get her Stickey base coat and Super Shiney top coat.
Some salons will be selling the enamel collections, where you can get 4 or 5 of the latest colours of enamels that have just come out and these come in lovely gift boxes,
also she will need solar oil as well as the sticky base coat and super shiny top coat,
top christmas pressie
Well these are all my fav's and are very very popular in the salon, tryed to give a brief description but all are reall gorgeous!

Cream puff- White french polish
Negligee / beau / moonlight and roses- pink shimmer french polishes
Spike - really deep deep red
Make a wish - shimmerer soft kinda pale orange
Tutti-fruti / hot pop pink- hot pinks
Cuppa joe- shimmery deep chocolate brown
Company red- RED- used for comps alot
Hot chilli's- summery shimmer light red
Artic storm- soft gold shimmer glitter
Disco - Silver sparkley glitter
Winterfire - Red with glitter
Well these are all my fav's and are very very popular in the salon, tryed to give a brief description but all are reall gorgeous!

Winterfire - Red with glitter

Well alas Winterfire has been discontinued so this is a big PLEASE to all those people with influence at SweetSquared and Creative....our clients and staff are still asking for it, especially at this time of year! PLEASE bring it back!!!!!
Thanks for your help.Ive ordered
Cream puff
Moonlight and roses
tutti frutti
company red
havent got cuppa joe anymore so added dark secret.
Plus sticky and super shiney.
Hopefully a good start that i can add to.

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