Death Row dinner!


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Aug 29, 2009
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Just for fun if you were on death row what would your last meal be
Mine would be chicken tikka Balti with spinnich ,pilau rice, and a Keema Naan bread, with a cold pint of carling. and hot apple pie and cornish ice cream for afters.
The king of fry ups! Bacon, eggs, hash browns, black pud, beans, tomatoes, toast etc and a huge pot of Twinings breakfast tea. I could die happy after that :)
Probably steak and chips, with onion rings and bread and butter. Follwed by melt in the middle chocolate pudding, served warm, with ice cream.
Spaghetti carbonara followed by treacle sponge and custard. Oh and not forgetting a very large glass of chilled Pinot grigio :) xx
Scallops with black pudding, chorizo and cauliflower puree
Loin of venison with chocolate and cherry jus with caramelised broccoli and champ
White chocolate cheesecake
Cheese and biscuits

Hungry now!
I'd start with a prawn cocktail, then a Christmas dinner with loads of stuffing and gravy. And for dessert I'd have macaroons and a bottle of bubbly.... yummy!
Beef borguignon with dauphinoise potato and green beans.
For pudding sticky toffee pudding with warm custard.
For drink, a blue lagoon or a strawberry daiquiri.
Yummy yummy in my tummy!!
i'm with you hazel, i'd have a full christmas dinner but i'd have to have trifle after. and loads and loads of cab sav!
Potato skins to start, then carbonara, and a rocky horror from the harvester to finish, all accompanied by a nice bottle of rose :)
i'm with you hazel, i'd have a full christmas dinner but i'd have to have trifle after. and loads and loads of cab sav!

Trifle! I love trifle with angel topping ;)
Fish and chips with heaps of salt and vinegar. sherry, very little sponge, but loads of proper custard made with egg yolks and double cream.

Lots of Champagne, of course.

As I can't normally eat gluten I could definitely find a silver lining to Death Row!:lick:
oooo it would have to be a caramelised onion and goats cheese tart for starters.
A rare fillet steak with a creamy blue cheese sauce. cheesy mash on the side, leeks in cheese sauce and maybe a spot of cauliflower and broccolli cheese.
Finished off with a chocolate and orange cheesecake.
And as its death row it would be rude not to have a cheese plate with crackers.
As you may be able to tell... I like cheese! lol!
for pudding with poached egg

main......lobster with new minted potatoes, sugar snaps & samphire

desert......sticky toffee pudding & custard

cheese, biscuits & grapes

all washed down with Brothers toffee apple cider.
Mmmm these all sound wonderful.

Well, my last meal would be

Seared west coast scallops and stornaway black pudding with a duo of sauces (courtesy of Smiddy House)

Tournedos Rossini (from a little French/Italian restaurant )

Creme Brûlée (same restaurant)

Oh yum yum.

I'm coeliac so this would be a the last meal!!!
KFC family bucket all to myself.

Double chocolate fudge cake with cream.

& a can of dr pepper

lol x
Steve, this is so freaky that you posted this this afternoon as I was having the same discussion this afternoon with friends. Great minds eh!!

The answer for me would be: Thai fishcakes (made by my hubby as he makes the best ones), thai green curry with coconut rice, followed by profiteroles, then biscuits and cheese including cambozola. Followed by a nice glass of wine and a nice, ice cold Dr Pepper.
I have never been able to answer this question! When faced with a meal with my favourite foods I struggle to decide on which one I keep a bite of til last! :S bit of a strange fellow.....

Buffet will do me :p
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I would start with a sea food cocktail (prawns crab lobster crayfish) then fillet steak well done i know it taste better medium served with a jacket potatoe and side salad. Then for pud it would have to be warm chocolate fudge cake with cream yum yum .x
For the entree...I'd have a helping of EVERYTHING deep fat fried with buckets of melted butter for dipping.

For dessert...I'd have a helping of EVERYTHING covered in whipped cream, caramel and hot fudge.

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