Did my Creative conversion course yesterday


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Nov 15, 2005
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North Wales
Just wanted to say thanks to Tilly ann (Kirsten) for her guidance and advise yesterday on my Creative Conversion course. I had been given samples on my visit to Leeds for the popits demo but couldn't get to grips with the air bubbles in my pink it had been a nightmare that was putting me off. After being shown the correct mix ratio it seems to be no longer a problem (fingers crossed) had to be down to my kolinsky no 10 brush too I think holding too much liquid. I have a client in for a full set tonight so the proof will be in the pudding ............
Glad you found the conversion course helpful. Way to go!
Hi im waiting for the info on the conversion course for brisa gel, what actually happens on these course as iv never done one before.Do they show you there product then how to use it properly.Tell you about the product and how to get the best out of it.When all this has been done do you have a exam or anything?
I did the Brisa conversion course almost a tear ago. I had previously trained in Creative L&P.
It was a one day course, we were taught about the product, shown how to use it and given a video and notes with our kit. There was no exam at the end. HTH:)
Hi to be honest it was mainly product knowledge, how Creative works mix ratio`s different powders tips prep tools a talk through application plenty of opportunity for questions then a demo in the morning break for lunch and then hands on practical no exam just being observed and very helpful advise and guidance on application just what I expected really quite informal very relaxed.

Just relax and enjoy it nothing to get stressed about. :)

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