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Oct 3, 2003
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Hertford and London
(Sorry Mods!!! I'm not asking a question! Please move to right place if necessary)

Can I ask all the nail techs on here to consider something I believe is really important?

There is a relatively small percentage of the population who regularly use the services of a professional nail technician. Of that percentage the vast majority are natural nail clients who want to have a good manicure or pedicure.

Obviously, there are areas and salons who are booked out with artificial nail clients. This proportion is low and those salons are doing a fabulous job (rather too many discount salons using MMA that we would like but that is up to the industry to change)

I am talking about the general population.

Manicures and pedicures are one of the most desired beauty treatments and they are enjoying a massive upsurge in popularity.

People can paint their nails at home. Maybe not as well as a professional but it can be done! The sales of nail polishes support this!!! Compare it to hair: most people can blow dry their hair but they can't cut it!!

Nail professionals need to provide a service that can't be done at home for the natural nail clients.

The new advances in nail colour provide the perfect vehicle for this!! Who can resist having a nail colour that is instantly dry and will last perfectly for 2-3 weeks? So many don't have a manicure because it costs money and time but will chip or dull in a few days!

I strongly believe that the client should have the option of removing their colour without being tied into returning for this. They will love the service so will return anyway (Shellac provide perfect removal packs for this purpose)

The professional industry now have the perfect solution for the natural nail client! It is the answer for the high maintenance woman who has limited time. She can give a little bit of time (30 mins) every 2-3 weeks to her nails and forget them in between! How amazing is that???

Yes there are those that need a new colour every day or so but most busy women don't have the time for this and just want gorgeous nails all the time.

Shellac and Gelish are giving the industry a gift!!! Nail professionals now have the service that should be attracting ALL of the potential natural nail clients and providing them exactly what they want! No more the excuse that their polish only lasts a few days!

Change is difficult to embrace. Judging by the threads on here the change is causing so much unnecessary 'panic'. Nail professionals have an opportunity that must not be missed!!!

'Nails' are the biggest fashion accessory at the moment. Nail professionals have the best advance in nail colour since nail polish was first available since the 1930's. The opportunity to increase salon clients is now! More than it has ever been!

Stop finding the negatives! Use this milestone in the history of 'nails' and attract the massive amount of natural nail clients that are there (in case you're not sure, they are the ones that actually don't want artificial nails or mega long nails or fancy 3D nail art. They just want nice nails!)

This is a moment in the nail professionals history that needs to be embraced! If you are struggling to find clients for enhancements then stop looking and find the far bigger natural nail client base that is there for the taking. You can offer them something that they want but cannot be done at home!

55 million bottles of nail polish sold in the UK every year prove this!
I have embraced both shellac and Gelish and i couldn't agree with you more xx

great thread:hug:
You bet this belongs on the nail forum !!!

I fall into the maxed out with enhancement clients catergory, not complaining but there only so many hours in a day, however....

As soon as I saw and learned about Shellac I thought...this is brilliant...all those ladies who sit and paint their nails on a Sunday night after their bath and sit waiting for it to dry so they can go bed (you know the ones...i used to do it) just to wake up and find sheet marks....:irked:

Those are the ladies you want...they have no desire for enhancements....they just want to have nicely painted, tidy nails. And for all those sheet marks and chipping after 5 days wouldn't you gladly pay someone to take all that away so you can enjoy your Sunday bet you would...and so will they.
You've got it girls!!!!

I'm a nail professional and I HATE doing my nails!!! (natural versions). Now my nails are immaculate!
great post marian xx and totally agree on every word xx shellac (and i'm sure the gelish users feel the same) has been a total gift to my business (and for my students !!)

I too was nearly full with enhancement clients but will always find a little time! I knew that shellac was coming out the the 1st may ( I wanted it there and then !!) and i used the few months before to excite my clients about this 'new' product.. and they were excited.. and told their friends who didn't want enhancements that there was a great new product coming soon.... many of my enhancement clients tried shellac over their overlays loved it.. and then made the switch to natural shellac... no new clients there .. but lots of space freed up :) to fit their friends in !!

with in 6 weeks of the shellac launch i had more shellac booked in my diary than any other service, not only are 'new' clients in the door but i feel i've eased my work load a little as shellac is such a pleasure to do xx

today alone I've had 3 new clients ring and ask for SHELLAC BY NAME, never had their nails 'done' before but have seen shellac on another client of mine/ some have read about it in the beauty mags (thanks mum and team xx).. and want it !! and i know from every client reaction to this product they will be back !!

enjoy xx
Isn't it lovely to be doing so many natural nails again. I love my enhancements but equally missed doing so many natural nail manicures. Now I can enjoy both and as you say Marion, my nails are always immaculate! :)
I'm also in the fully booked category & my only prob is I'd LOVE to be doing more Shellac but as most of my clients are Gel NNO's they don't wanna make the move to Shellac in case it isn't 'strong' enough to stop they're nails breaking. The ones I have had have been AMAZED by Shellac & we have had their friends ringing up for it too. I love love LOVE this product & I just know that the more we do & the more it's heard of the busier our other therapists in salon will be with it
I did a search on a search engine, how can i find shellac products? Is it thru CND as i have the contact no here for them....
This is an absolutley brilliant thread! And very well said - the industry is just so exciting! xx
Ok i have just called cnd and need to send a cert to buy etc... so will get onto that at the wkend. Can anyone advise me how much approx a polish is in the shellac range please? And also of any other good brand polishes, and is there anywhere else u can buy shellac? Is OPI classed as a professional polish?
Well said!
I've been doing just that, targeting natural nail clilents. I'm loving shellac. Not using it as much as I'd like that... but the time will come :)
Ok i have just called cnd and need to send a cert to buy etc... so will get onto that at the wkend. Can anyone advise me how much approx a polish is in the shellac range please? And also of any other good brand polishes, and is there anywhere else u can buy shellac? Is OPI classed as a professional polish?

Hi Emma...........Shellac isn't a polish it is a totally new type of product. A hybrid procuct that is like a cross between a gel and a polish, as in it is applied like a polish and then is cured like a Gel. If you check out the Shelac lovers group on here you will be able to read all the info about it.

Wholesale prices are not to be posted here on the forum as it is not always professionals who come on here ;) and may see it. Clients sometimes forget it is our TIME they are paying for not just the products!!
If you log on to S2's website and register I am sure prices will be there.

Great thread Marian, and I definitely think that this is the most exciting time to be in the Nail Industry.
These new hybrid products are what Nail technicians and clients have dreamed of for years, and now they actually exist....good grief it has even made me wish I was back in the salon :eek:!!
These new hybrid products are what Nail technicians and clients have dreamed of for years, and now they actually exist....good grief it has even made me wish I was back in the salon :eek:!!

I have been waiting for something like this since I was a wee girl. :green: it's very exciting to have had it since it was launched.
I couldn't agree more!
In fact, the way I see it ..due to an awful lot of negative press for enhancements & their 'damaging effects'... Shellac (& Gelish) are the nail technicians answer to any scepticism .. now people who wouldn't have dreamed of walking into a nail salon will now.
I live in Austria - my clients are totally conservative (I mean putting a Swarovski crystal on one nail is seen as adventurous?!really!) Most of my clients want NNO and at the most a french. I realized this at the beginning and so I really concentrated on building up the manicure culture over here in my town (I am the ONLY nail salon on a ground floor shop in the city for example) So I started advertising and offering my 40 min. manicure at a very reasonable price- this drew the customers that wouldn't have normally come into a nail salon in - OK so now I had them how do I ensure that they come back more than once a month? Well naturally customer service and extra love and attention in the hope that they spread the word and allowed themselves the treat of coming back more regularly .. but you know, time is money and so honestly the amount of time I was spending on the manicures was financially weak in terms of return -Shellac couldnt come at a better time for me - Shellac is now ensuring that these customers have to come back every 14-20 days for a manicure - FANTASTIC !! Its a win- win- win! The customer is blown away, they advertise to all their friends and I can charge a more realistic price for a manicure ! Text, email phone them all I say, its so worth it .. bums on seats thats what its ALL about in the end isnt it lol!:green:
Well we have always been busy, full book and cancelation list..... but by now offering the 3rd option we are even busier.... We got Gel clients, Fibreglass clients, NNO clients, Manicure clients male and female and now we got the ones that love the pampering manicure but hate the kerfuffle..... Happy bunnies oh yes we are.....we have now an even larger treatment list, now we have something for everybody.......and I have to say our clients love the bespoke colour service we offer with Shellac..... Lets make a colour just for you!!!!!
I for one cannot sing the praises of Shellac enough, My diary is now constantly filled I am doing weekly orders with my distributers, I am working longer trying to accomadate this massive influx of new clients and I still dont seem to have enough hours in the day.
People are still raving my exsisting clients are telling all and sundry about this amazing new product.
It has improved by business by at least 110% its madness.
I am loving it, loving it, loving it!
Loving the new colour combos that can be created out of the small range of colours that we have available and know that my clients will love it even more when these new colours come out in the autumn and on top of that there is the new NEW product that is still in the pipeline....Can it get any better???
Thanks CND for Shellac and Nail harmony for Gelish, although I havent tried this tbh.
If the rest of you are not as busy then im sorry you must be doing something wrong.
I was shouting from the roof tops to all my clients getting them hyped up at the start of this year for the arrival of shellac and there were queues after I got my mitts on it at the event in may.

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