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Jan 6, 2008
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Arghh im in a mess ladies :cry:

Ive been wearing extensions on and off for about a year and half now, i recently took out my set of extesions which were put in by glue. My mum put them in for me i bought them from a hair shop. And ive used the remover to try and get out the glue but it just wont work!! :eek: And i just have some clumps in my hair with glue in and i dont know what to do can anyone give any advice or help? cos its ruining my hair soo much ill never be having them again :mad: xxx
I'm not a professional, but you could start off by trying just some hair conditioner? I know when my friend had extensions if she used conditioner the glue would come out.

Might not work entirely, but it won't do anymore damage to your hair! x
when i had my extensions removed they used acetone on the bond and they just come away took around an hour to do.
when my extensions where removed the hairdresser broke the bonds first by squeezing them with what looked like pliers and then soaked cotton wool in acetone and rubbed untill they broke down.
GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. DIY jobs are asking for trouble. :confused:
i would suggest you go to a salon

a friend of mines had some extensions sewn in the front of her hair she tried to remove them herself and cut off a huge chunk of her hair!
Wet your hair, Plaster it with conditioner, wrap in a towel for about 30mins then get a fine tooth comb and comb through your hair... works every time for me.

Hey guys thanks for all your advise willl try most of them, thank you :hug:xx
Hi here is some practical help from Lancashirelass from an older post ,

I used to wear this method many moons again and I could normally do a a full head removal in 30mins with no residue left over.

I used the Proclaim shampoo remover and worked it the areas of the weft/adhesive. After a couple of shampoos the wefts would loosen pretty easily. I would rinse off the shampoo and then put plenty of conditioner all over my head and work it between the wefted/ahesive areas. The conditioner works a treat and the tapes cape out no problem.

I would then go through my hair while still in the shower with a small tooth comb and put more conditoner on and work the comb through the hair. The conditoner makes the comb slide through the hair so its a lot easier.

Once all he residue is removed I would just rinse and then style as normal.

Inform your daughter about proflex tape they are a lot kinder to the hair and work a treat and are so much easier to remove than the latex adesive method. If you want to know more then let me know.
If you have been wearing fusion then use lots of conditioner and spread it all over the bonds, wrap your hair in a towel and sleep with the conditioner in your hair, they will then soften overnight and then they should be easy to get out the following day.

If your wearing wefts then follow the advice from the above post both should work.

Good luck
i have just had the glue ones from the shops as well, with the red and white glue? the best way to get them out is the remover, then wash it and loadsa conditioner and comb thro. but dont attempt to pull bits of glue out as thats when all ur own hair comes out, i foudn that out the hard way!! leave them in until they come out on their own next time u wash it. or i found when my hair was dry i could crumble them out. but i would never have glue extensions again, they have made my hair so thin and a few bald patches, i put them in right and took them out right. i now have clip in extensions which i am sooo pleased with!
i would suggest you go to a salon

a friend of mines had some extensions sewn in the front of her hair she tried to remove them herself and cut off a huge chunk of her hair!

:eek::eek: your poor friend hun....i would go to professionals aswell xxx

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