Facial = clear skin!?


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Feb 16, 2007
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Hello all,

I have had a client coming to me for 6 months now, having a facial every 3 weeks. She hasnt been using my products at home but has an okish routine.

When she came to me she had good skin, it was just a bit lifeless.

Anyway to cut a long story short, everytime she has a facial she breaks out. She says she was never prone to breakouts before, only the odd one around her period.

She got married and so I have her a little travel kit, which she has been using for the last two weeks.

But even this hasnt helped stopping her breakout.

How do I explain to her whats happening as I'm a little baffled?!

Becki xxx
Just a thought...
Your skincare range may not agree with her skin
haha do u know what that has never even crossed my mind!!!

I used to use Matis as that was the range that I had my facials with. I used it religiously for a year.
I decided to try Liz Earle and within a week people were complimenting me on my skin. My friend (who's a beauty therapist) asked if I had foundation on, as she said my skin looked so even.

Unfortunately I have suffered with acne for the past 2 years on my jawline, and must say my skin is looking rubbish again.

Think I might me heading for a change.
Interesting about the remark about not having to wear foundation...I did a facial on my mum with some Molyneaux samples that were sent to me. My mum said...oh it looks like I dont have to wear foundation and her skin felt really nice. I was pleased with these comments as I am looking for a skin care range,
Have you been in touch with Dermalogica to ask their advice. I know it is quite a complex range and it could just be that you are using the wrong products. Have you also revisited your consultation? Checking her lifestyle could give you some clues. Even the stress of preparing for a big day like a wedding could be contributing. Also what I can't understand is why would she keep coming if she kept getting breakouts that she thought were being caused by the facials?
well i thought the wedding could be contributing and i've only seen her once since. She also gave up smoking and drinking in January and I wondered if that could still be having an effect?

She says about a week after she gets a breakout but then they go and her skin is fantastic.

I think I'll ask Dermalogica, i thought i understood the range quite well now!! Oh well you can never know enough!
Hi Becki!

Are you using products that contain clay on her skin at all? What products are you using? Also do you use steam? My skin sounds a lot like your clients and I have to say I avoid any clay based product and steam on my face because it does draw out impurities and causes my spots ~ I would rather the impurities came out some other way! As well as this your client could up her water and fibre intake as these would help to flush the toxins out where they should be flushed out!!

Hope that helps!

Michelle xx
I have had a similar problem recently, I always cleanse tone moisturise every day and have done since i started in the industry but about 6-8 weeks ago I began getting spots on my jawline and my cheeks. I couldn't for the life of me think why as I hadn't changed anything in my skincare routine, no change in diet nothing so anyway after weeks of trying different products etc I stopped moisturising at night before i go to bed and it worked! The spots cleared up! My skin just rejected the cream all of a sudden, with your client it might just be a case of trial and error to find out whats upsetting her skin.


Facials can cause breakouts - in fact its good to warn clients before, it's toxin removal that causes the breakouts and maybe the products which may not agree with her skin
Facials can cause breakouts - in fact its good to warn clients before, it's toxin removal that causes the breakouts and maybe the products which may not agree with her skin
I agree with this,it's quite common for clients to have breakouts after a facial,also skin changes so a product that may work a treat can quite often not be suitable anymore,that's why its important to re asses regularly and not take for granted that xyz products are always going to be suitable.
lol, of course i tell my clients that breaking out is a possiblity! its just you dont usually expect after a while for it to keep happening - well i dont anyways!

i'm not using clay products on her at all, but thanks for that anyways.

maybe she doesnt get on with the produtcts

becki xxx

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