'Facials that ruin your skin!' - article in Daily Mail


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Oct 29, 2007
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The facials that ruin your skin: They promise leave you looking peachy - but expensive anti-ageing facials can wreck your looks | Mail Online

Have you read the article in the Daily Mail today saying microdermabrasion/ glycolic peels ruined Sophie Anderton's skin!

Seems to be a typical over the top article from the DM but I can't help but feel it is bound to get some clients panicking.

I offer diamond mda and am careful with contra inds, give thorough aftercare advice and always proceed with caution.

However I was trained (by Carlton uk where I bought my machine) that it is ok to start with an initial course of weekly treatments - the dermatologist in the article disagrees with this and says it is what causes the damage.

I am interested in what are other manufacturers/trainers saying about frequency of treatments and what other geeks do?
Sophie Anderton's skin has been knackered by years of substance abuse and sun.
That said until one day courses are outlawed there will be therapists galore carrying them out without a comprehensive understanding of the effects of such treatments on the skin.
I read this article this morning and thought what a load of tosh, she has partied hard with drugs and drink and was an alcoholic so she aint going to be in the greatest of shape all round.

I did think what poor journalism and these sort of articles could affect us all if they manage to scare the clients with half truths and sensationalism.

I would be mortified if there was anyone out there who was not already trained in skincare offering MD or GP after a one day training course, but don't want to open that debate again...........
Given her lifestyle choices it's pretty unfair of Ms Anderton to pin the blame on treatments!
Isn't this article more about promoting Cetuem skincare?

After all they are claiming to have repaired damage allegedly caused by the treatments she previously had?

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Isn't this article more about promoting Cetuem skincare?

Yes - I think that's true and Dr Nick Lowe also has a product line and a vested interest in self promotion.

And totally agree that Sophie has been her own worst enemy as far as skin ageing is concerned!

These articles often are biased one way or another when you read between the lines.

Am still interested to know though...

- do you do microdermabrasion treatments weekly as an initial course? If not, what time scale to you perform them?
*sigh* she's HARDLY a good choice to use as an example anyway... but pic one - spot the photo editing! Pic 2 - spot the lack there of... ARGH

I know it isn't something I offer but it still bugs me when they get things this wrong... and if someone in the industry objects then "well you would, you are going to loose money because people know the "truth"..." gaaaaah
I think her skin was bad because of what she put up her nose, not what she put on her face.
The DM journalism, and in particular their beauty, is the laziest journalism I've ever seen.
Often it consists of pictures of products with their names. No critique; nothing.
Reckon someone has cupboards full of freebies.
- do you do microdermabrasion treatments weekly as an initial course? If not, what time scale to you perform them?

It depends on many factors. Are you using crystals or diamond?
Is it a gentle machine or a gurt big paramedical grade one like the one I have.
Some of them are described as progressive not aggressive.
Mine is the sort where it can be either, but generally people want more bang for their buck so I turn up the volume so to speak, assuming their skin warrants it.
What is the condition of the skin you're treating?
Why are you treating?

I wouldn't do them weekly. I would do them monthly or six weekly.
I would suggest using an enzymatic exfoliator in between salon treatments.
You don't want to over treat the skin and thin it out too much.

I also get my clients to sign every time to state the date of their last microderm treatment regardless of where they had it done.
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Well it does say that all of these people were having crystal mdas every week and the peel too!

Dr Nick lowe said they are ok to have once a month.
Thanks for your reply Lynne - I am interested to hear your approach.

Just been looking at Dr Lowe's website and guess what?! - He offers a 'particle resurfacing treatment' and this is how it is described...

This device is more powerful than the dermabrasion machines used in beauty clinics...' and then it says 'A series of four to six sessions performed one to two weeks apart is recommended'.

Particle resurfacing treatment

Well - that's interesting!
Although the title is a bit misleading the report stating overuse of MDA/peels can cause problems, I feel is correct. Most therapists would not recommend such an onslaught of treatment however the demand by the client to 'feel like it does something' may be difficult for some to resist - especially when its filling up the till! There is a report somewhere I read that overuse of MDA especially, does deplete the ceramide levels in the skin if carried out too frequently thus diminishing the positive effects. Less really is more. Ceramide levels are depleted as we age and in dry/sensitive skin.
The facials that ruin your skin: They promise leave you looking peachy - but expensive anti-ageing facials can wreck your looks | Mail Online

I am interested in what are other manufacturers/trainers saying about frequency of treatments and what other geeks do?

There is absolutely no benefit/need to perform microdermabrasion (be it medical MDA/Crystal/Diamond etc etc etc) every week! I would strongly recomend against it. I would agree, this is harmful to the skin.

If you think of the skin cell turnover/lifecycle what possible benefit could this achieve? I would perform this treatment monthly/6 weekly at most. I do think the article ignores the more valid points re lifestyle factors (rather dubious ones). Obviously makes for a good headline.
Really sorry to jump on on this but I had MD & peels at a recognised doctors cosmetic surgery & it ruined my skin! I would never recommend it or use it on a client x
I can understand your disappointment but to tar all these treatments with the same brush is biased and blinkered.
I once had a terrible fake tan; I came out bright orange and streaky. Did it stop me having more tans? No; what it did do was make me not have the same brand again, or use that salon again.
The lovely Essentia on here introduced Fake Bake to me and I've never looked back.
Skin base say no more than 20 weekly dermabrasions! After that a break of at least 6 months. They recommend a course of 8 spread 7-10 days apart then monthly maintenance after that. I'm now questioning my training form skin base. Think I'll drop them a call.
if you read the mail today there is a article by a women who is giving up beauty for 4 weeks and guess what she has microdermbation and raves about it!
so my concultion the daily mail is scaremuggering ,if MD is done wrong or to frequiently it will do damage but as long as your trained and use the correct methods its safe
i have had more damage done to me by inexperance waxers than MD ,
maybe we should take this arcticle to yet again call for more regulation in beauty industery to stop people who arnt trained or insured to get access and use potentuly damaging machines and treatemnts such as MD and peels :Scared:
I actually posted a comment on the article saying that until manufacturers stop offering day courses to underqualified staff then there will be a proliferation of poorly staff therapists offering this potentially damaging treatment.
Guess what?
The Daily Mail refused to publish it.
Shame on them.
I had micro derm abrasion and ended up with perioral dermatisis. Took ages to get rid off. I now have sensitive skin :-( and can only use cosmetics without parabens or hard chemicals.

My dermatologist said it was the microdermabrasion (done by a qualified nurse) I never had an issue before and haven't since I stopped this type of treatment etc :-(

So I'm very weary of over doing my skin and what I put on it now.

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