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May 12, 2003
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Nr Gatwick, West Sussex
one of my best mates is having a new yrs eve party and its fancy dress with no theme....

im going with Gareth and we did think we could do a 'couple' thing but all the ideas we have come up with are crap...
and yep... i have thought abt tinkerbell and peter pan... but id hate to be a fat tinks and im nt gonna lose 2 stone by new yr nt with crimbo

all ideas welcome :)


edit... also as its so near to crimbo and ill be skint.,... id prefer if it didnt cost the earth iykwim
what about shrek and his brother done that for new years eve party and won !!!!!
Robin Hood & Marianne,

quite easy to put together, go around second hand shops and look for a gold bronze or green bridesmaid dress and jig it around a bit, thin gold curtain tassels are good for a sash. You can pick up cheap fancy dress wigs (if your hair is short) Make a wreath for your hair with silk flowers.

Robin is easy (I dont mean Tights lol) if your good with a sewing machine you could make a green tabard (brown or biege long sleeve top underneath) for him and a triangle hat with a feather in. brown cords or something similar. Normal working boots and a couple of brown leather belts around his waist and across his chest. To finsih buy a kids bow & arrow set.

Can you tell I like the new series mmm he`s cute.
I love fancy dress! Always like to go all out for it. We went to the NYC Halloween Parade last year - photo here of us in our hotel before getting the subway across town to the start!

One person had a great idea we thought quite original - that was to go as his MySpace page.

Another theme that was popular was the old iPod adverts - sillouette of a person infront of a coloured background. Wear black and have a bit of coloured card behind you.

I always like the idea of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair ... both in suits, but Tony has a knife stuck in his back.

Good luck!

Hi just a couple more ideas,
Greek gods & goddesses (white sheets - lots of fake chunky gold & gold belts).
Fred Flintstone & wife - animal fake fur (you can even cover an old pair of shoes) you can also buy rubber bones from joke fancy dress shops & messy tatty hair.

Dr Who & his side kick............
Cowboy & saloon girl..............
you have got me on one now. We used to go out every new year in fancy dress its just something that is done around here the pubs and clubs are just full of it - your odd one out if your not dressed up.
You could be peter pan and him Tinkerbell.
Or you go as a man and him as a woman then you can just pick up clothes from a charity shop or swap.
  • Batman and Robin
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Anthony and Cleopatra
  • Danny and Sandy (from Grease)
  • Gomez and Morticia (Addams Family)
  • Laurel and Hardy
  • Posh and Becks
Ken and Barbie

Mr and Mrs Clause
Mario and Princess Peach!! You can get them off the Internet and I think they look great! However mario is easy enough to make yourself!! xx
a really cheap one

bob the builder and wendy, all you need is blue/black pants checked shirt two hard hats, and few plastic tools sticking out your pockets,

Good old vicar and tart - dead easy to do too:)
Alice in Wonderland and the mad hatter?
Argos do some fab costumes,wonder women and superman,amongst others.:green:
a really cheap one

bob the builder and wendy, all you need is blue/black pants checked shirt two hard hats, and few plastic tools sticking out your pockets,

I like this one "can we fix it? yes we can!"
What about Harliquinn & the joker?? X
Mr and mrs potato head :)

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