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Sep 7, 2006
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Caldicot - south Wales

I just thought id share with you all

I did a flyer drop two days ago ( 400 flyers ) and today i have recieved two bookings for enhancements and one for a pedicure .

Am happy because i didnt think i would get any - i hope i get a few more ....

love Rach xxx
Thats really good, well done you I hope you get loads more bookings:hug:
Something is much better than nothing at all ... well done.
Good news!!! Word will get out now!!
Great news, it's great when it works isn't it :hug:
Well done !!!!:):) word of mouth from those 2 , you could be turning them away!!!!
well done will get more xxxx
That a good result so far. What sort of info did you have on them and did you have any special offers featured. Just wondering as I'm thinking of doing a small drop soon.
Thanks all for the support fellow geeks

Had another call today for another set of enhancements - am well chuffed !

With regards to your question Diane

I printed out 400 flyers myself i stated a special offer of £20.00 For a full set of tips valid until the 1st december. In hope i may get a few more clients in time for xmas ( i know this is cheap but the salon not far from me is doing an offer for £22.00 ) . Also stated that i offered mani & pedi

Have just ordered 1500 postcards from vistaprint ( which looks alot more professional than the ones i have done ) they were quite cheap too .

and a bouns it will keep me fit delivering them all ha ha
thats great! good luck and fingers crossed you have a busy future xx
Well done you, thats really good, from the bookings you already have they might recomend someone else and again and again. x x x
Well done you! I started exactly the same way 10 years ago (there's now 10 of us!), some of the people who responded then have been coming fortnightly since, and still do!!!!!!!
I can't begin to think how many recommendations have come from that original response.....I'm sure the same will be true for you....GOOD LUCK!
Hi someone once told me (they owned a take-away pizza shop but it could work for us too) that the best thing you can do is get about 10,000 leaflets printed and then get royal mail to do a door drop where one leaflet is posted through every door in a town. They do it by post-code and although it is a bit pricey they do a discount if it's the first time you have used the service. I've seen it really works and am now saving up myself to do one after Xmas. But you did really well to get 3 out of 400-last year I did a few thousand and got 2!
Thats really good!

I done an estate a few month ago but didnt get any...

I am gettin some new leaflets printed with my new stuff on and my website so am gonna give it another shot!

when you say you print them off yourself, do you mean you print them individually off your printer? are they in colour? is the quality good and did you get all 400 out of 1 set of printer cartridges?

I'm panicking a bit as I'm opening on thursday and the postcards that I ordered from vistaprint haven't turned up.

Yes i made them on my printer ( quite basic looking ones if in honest ) I printed 200 hundred off myself one by one ( it took ages ) and my father printed off the other 200 for me. Still have lots of ink left , well so it seems.

good luck with your opening hun xxxxx

Hi there
Well done on your recent response from leaflet drop,
I also use vista print and think they are great.
A few more ideas you might want to try...
  • stand outside local schools with flyers just before home time, wear your uniform and look extra professional
  • give a pile of leaflets to your local hair salon in exchange for some of theirs to put in you salon.
  • get on GUMTREE. I love this place, it is free and you can advertise your salon, treatments, specials offers. Ihave got 6 clients from this website it is brill!
  • Flats to rent London, jobs in London, flatshare, free classified ads UK
maybe offer the local take-aways a free treatment/s in return for them giving a leaflet with their deliverys.

All the best of luck to you all
Way to go you are on your way now!!!

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