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Jan 11, 2003
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Daventry, Northants (UK)
It is with deep sadness that we let you all know that Gina Moran passed away last summer (the details are unknown)

Gina joined the site on 15 May 2005 and made over 600 posts. Unfortunately we only learned of her passing when the site automatically sent a birthday wishes email on 11 January 2008.

Her husband replied to the message thanking the site for the wishes and passed on his very sad news. Gina would have been 47 on her birthday.

We are sure you will join with us in sending our condolences to her husband.
We have sent a message to him and asked his permission to announce it to the other members which we received today.

We have given him assurances that he will not be inundated with emails from the site so we would ask that you please respect his request. May we all think of her friends and family at this time and may she rest in peace :hug:
Very sad news...from reading her threads she was a kind, helpful and funny person.

Much love to her husband, family and friends.....:hug:
oh how sad :cry:thinking of her family at this horrendus time :hug: xxx
That is so sad.

My thoughts and prayers are with Gina's family:hug:
I don't know of Gina I don't think...
but it is very sad...and she was very young...xxxxx
Sending love and prayers to Gina and her family xxxx
I can only echo everyone else, this is such sad news. My thoughts and sympathy go out her family. :hug:
I can only echo everyone else, this is such sad news. My thoughts and sympathy go out her family. :hug:

may Angels watch over them. :hug:
Such sad news, i also didn't know gina i don't think but to here we have lost a member of our geek family is just so sad,

all my love and best wishes at this hard time to her family :hug:
How very very sad. I send my heartfelt sympathies to Gina's family.
That is so sad.
I am sending my prayers to her family and I am sure she will be geeking with us from above:hug:
thats very sad thoughts and wishes to her family
What terrible news, my thoughts are with her family at this sad time!
How sad

thoughts and condolenses to her family.
my heartfelt thoughts and condolences to all of gina's family
How sad, I hope she rests in peace.....
How very sad. My thoughts are with her family x
Oh that's so sad. Thanks for dealing with it so well for us all Fiona. Sending my prayers to her family. xx
Such sad news about a special geek, wishing her family the strength to cope and may she rest in peace
Sorry to hear such sad news .... sending sincerest condolences to Gina'a husband and family :hug:

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