Happy Birthday Nailsinlondon1

Happy Birthday Ruth, have a great day :):):)


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Happy birthday Ruth:hug:


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Happy birthday


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Have a Happy Day Ruthie babes!!

angel fingers

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have a fantastic birthday ruth, enjoy every minute !

ive noticed what a lot of cancerian geeks there are lately.

Ruth Mills

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Happy Birthday Ruth, love from Ruth :)
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Happy birthday hun. :hug:

Happy birthday Ruth, hope it is a fabby one!

Klassy Klaws

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Happy Birthday Ruth hope you have a fantastic day xxx:hug:


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Hey Ruth.... Crazy Bird!:green:

Happy Birthday Chick!

Speak soon xx​


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Happy Birthday Roooooooooooooofie :hug:

Hope you have a fabaroony day hunny

x x :hug: x x


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Happy Birthday :hug:


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Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday! :)

Kim Lawless

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Have a good one Roofie. :hug:

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Hope you have a wonderful birthday Ruth and that Richard spoils you wrotten! xxx:hug::hug::hug:


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Thanks for all your Birthday wishes.
Faye, the boys and I spend the day in London. Science Museum which they thought was boring and then the Natural History Museum, hige Dinosaurs which they thought was well cool. Having my girl and my boys all to myself for the day was the best pressie ever.
Got a fab Pandora Bracelet too, lots of pressies from clients too, so I have been spoilt. Off to see Beverly Knight tomorrow at Camden, so life is pretty fab at 52....

Thanks again and I love ya all xxxx


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So sorry its late Ruth...I did the face book one and missed this one. Glad to hear you had a great day and hope you had a lovely time today too...:hug: xxx


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:hug: Happy Birthday Ruth :hug:


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Sorry I missed your Bday Roofie - glad you had a lovely day :hug:

Will catch up with you on Mafia :wink2: best let me know what I can gift you as a late bday pressie lol

love n snuggs Deb xx