Hello to all in Geekland and please lend me a hand??


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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Can´t believe I'm back on the site ... ! What a nightmare of a week since I returned from the UK and my wonderful visit with so many wonderful geeks.

Well, the trip was fine.
Got to Portsmouth late afternoon on Trafalgar Day and got to see all the excitement going on in the Harbor. Red Arrows and fire works and 200 ships in port to take part ... fantastic even if it was throwing it down. Planned to call in on Sassy, but a horrendous hold up on the M1 (2.5 hours) and the weather down south slowed us down and time ran out. Sorry Sass, was so looking forward to it.

Sailed to Bilbao and saw hundreds of Common Dolphins playing in the bow waves and bird life in the bay Of Biscay.
A long and uneventful drive across Spain and home ... the eventful stuff awaited us there!!

Unlocked the door and entered to find the electricity was off. Now this is not an uncommon event here on the Costa Blanca, but a prod at the food in the freezer soon told me that it had been off for sometime !! Next opened the door into the main room to turn off the alarm to find myself sloshing through 2 inches of water!! :( The main part of the house was under 2 inches of water and this had blown the electricity which in turn had activated my surge protector for the computer which then died .. hence why you have not seen or heard from me for a week since my return.
I've been having a ll sorts of glitches with my very slow computer anyway so took the opportunity to have it all wiped and a nice new start. So here I am back and in the pink with my mega fast computer and Windows XP (no one ever taught me to defrag and clear cookies etc and hence I have never done it in 4 years and my system was full of s**t.)
Had a great time in the UK and the book "Nailclass" has gone to print ... Yeah!! Did all the final edits and illustrations so now I am excited to see it all happening. Stand by for news very soon.

I would like to finally say personally, thank you for the gorgeous flowers that Tracey UK, Joolz, JCS, Christi and Glynis so thoughtfully brought to the Monday Mentoring session which I enjoyed very much. What a lovely bunch were there!!! :hug: :hug: :hug:

The 'lend me a hand bit' is this. Please tell me if I have missed anything important or that I should have responded to ... send me the links and I'll take a look. Really missed you guys and am so glad to be back. XX
Really nice to have you back can't wait for the book
I wondered where you had got to!!!

There have been a couple of threads ive read and expected a response from you on!! lol. cant remember which ones now though.

Welcome back!!

Have fun with your new fandangled computer! lol.

Kate xx
Welcome back Geeg xxxxx sorry to hear about your soggy return...what a nightmare !!!!

i thought this one could be helped with your opinion....


like said by Kate there were some more ... i will have a look round....hope you don't get too bombarded though...lol


Welcome back, wondered were you where!
Welcome home, Missed you lots :Love:
welcome back :hug: Good to see you :)

Jo xxx
Hi Mama!!!! :biggrin:
Welcome back Gigi xxx
have missed ya loads...............​
Welcome home to Geeksville Gigi,
Your input here has been so badly missed.
Hope there wasnt much in the way of damage to your lovely home.
Great to see you back, and if I think of any fantastic threads you missed and need to get your teeth into... Ill be sure to post. :hug:
Welcome back GiGi,

Sorry to read about your nightmare return home.

Can't wait for "Nailclass" to be finished and available to all, you must be really over the moon with excitement and glowing with pride.

Enjoy the catching up, missed your input.

Take care.

P.S. Love watching Dolphins when ever we go out to sea, find them so relaxing and peaceful.
Welcome back Gigi. We missed you! Sorry to hear about your nightmare return home. There was me thinking you were on an extended holiday!
Welcome back Gigi,
Sorry to hear about your flood and hope that you didn't lose to much in it. What an awlful homecoming.

Can't think of anything that springs to mind or where it has all got out of hand if i do i will post it for you.
Welcome back Gigi, sorry to hear about your flood, was it due to the storms recently? don't know if they reached your area but we had thunderstorms with torrential rain for 3 successive nights (10 days ago).
ValencianNails said:
Welcome back Gigi, sorry to hear about your flood, was it due to the storms recently? don't know if they reached your area but we had thunderstorms with torrential rain for 3 successive nights (10 days ago).

I wish we'd had the rain here it is so dry ... no rain for months.

No it was a freaky series of events.
We have a patio that is in the centre of the house so to speak, surrounded by diningroom, living room and bedrooms.
A large old Jasmine was blown off the wall by a horrendous wind, this all fell down on top of the tap in the corner which turned it on.
The jasmine debris clogged the drain so the patio filled up like a bathtub and sloshed in under the doors to the inside! Mad I know. Could have been going for days and days!

They sent the 'nice' good looking insurance guy out this morning to assess the damage. In 3 days we will no doubt get the call form Zurich giving us some excuse as to why they won't pay for this or that etc!! Fight fight fight for everything these days isn't it? You have to work for everything even tho your've paid for years. I hope they surprise me!!

Thanks all for the lovely messages! XX
Oh my God......................nothing worse than water everywhere. Spooky how it all happened though; what with the Jasmine etc.

Hope you get straight soon. Glad to read ya.

what a nightmare for you gigi,
hope you get it all sorted with the insurers they are pains in the a***s arent they.
missed you
My goodness we must have passed each other on the M27 because I was on my way back from a day's PMC training at LCN in Hurstpierpoint and we got to Portsmouth just as the Red Arrows flew over. I thought it was a real honour to come back from a day's training and have a fly past laid on for me lol!!!! Sorry to have missed you too - still getting over the shock of you phoning me on the way up.

Can't think of any serious threads that needed your wisely input, been a bit quiet here lately, so glad to have you back in Geekland!

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