Hiya everyone that remembers me...advice needed


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Oct 24, 2005
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County Durham
Hiya everyone

I had a Baby girl - Katie on 27th June, she is amazing!!:hug:

weve also moved back to Germany as Jim has been promoted & posted there so been very busy:eek::eek:

Anyway I need some advice, basically i stopped doing nails & Beauty while I was pregnant as i had loads of problems & couldnt carry on working :( Ive had quite a big break from it but now Katie is nearly 4 months im feeling like id like to start up again but this time only Nails & spray tans. Weve got a large utility room that I could use as a home salon, I still have my tantrick Mini Mist etc but no nail equipment at all so will have to buy it all from scratch:irked:. The problem I have is there is loads of Beauty Therapists & nail technicians within the Army community here, it seems over run with them tbh!! & due to having a huge break ive lost loads of confidence too!!

Arrrghhhh what should I do?? I dont know whether to just go for it or not??

Also I hope everyone is doing ok??? I bet ive missed loads!! Anything anyone thinks i should know feel free to tell me - lol

welcome back mate
i know weve kept in touch on msn but its great to have you back on here ive missed you xxx
as regarding your business taking off again, you did it once why not go for it again!!!
you will be fine xxx
Great to have you back Shelley xxxxx:hug:

Why not start with the spray tans 1st as that will get your confidence back as you already know how much people love the Tantrick tans.

After that it should give you some funds to invest in the nails side if you want to continue with that.

If I remember rightly your business was a huge sucess very quickly so you are clearly very very good at what you do so your confidence should return in a flash:hug:

Good luck with whatever you decidexxx

My wee cousin is in Germany with her husband not sure where tho:confused:
arghhh just checked and you still have the really lovely pic of emily in her snuggly dressing gown on your profile pic,
i love that pic soo much
shes such a cutie xxx
Thanks girls, doing Tans 1st is a really good idea actually as I cant loose really :)

Thanks Nicki, I love that pic of Emily too, i have loads of cute ones of Emily & Katie, ill show you some when i remember - lol

Emily also started school last monday (She didnt go in the UK as i didnt want her to change schools so soon) she looks so cute in her Uniform!!

Hi shelley, good to see you back hun:hug:

I wish i had the answer you are looking for, like others have said, you made a good go of your business before so i dont see why you cant do it again!

Also, just had to say 27th june is a good day as its also my sons birthday, :green:
great to see you back, congrats on your baby girl, hope you are all settling in well.

As for getting back to work, go for it! It won't matter that there are others doing it because you will maintain your clients by being the best! You did it before so do it again!!! xx
Congrats on your baby.. we havn't met.. but can i just say.. the thing about starting up your business again is a great idea.. the fact so many people around you do nails shouldnt stop you as you will find your own niche and customer base.. and i bet those other techs dont have Geeks behind them either!!
Go for it.. :hug:
Welcome back:) I think you should set yourself up and give it a go - good luck:hug::hug:

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