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I thought it would be interesting to read about home hair goof ups that we as professionals have had to correct in the salon.

So I will start out.

About a year ago, I had a young girl come in with her mum, apparently this young girl had bleached her hair out a few months ago then decided she wanted to go "goth" and colored her hair at home with a OTC color BLACK.

The black started to fade into a nasty dull grey blecky ash color..So she decided she was going to just bleach it out again. To say the least, she ended up with a Chemically textured short haircut, hair was like cooked spaghetti by the time she came into me. Talk about going PUNK.

WE ended up coloring her back to her "natural" haircolor ( as close as we could)as well as Giving protein/ deep conditioning treatments. This continued on every two weeks until her hair decided to play nice and hold the color.
She is now in college, and visits me when ever she gets in town. Gotta love those lessons in life..


Well I did'nt do it my self but my trainee hairdresser friend used to give me highlights with the cap (we're going back 10years ago lol) lovely they were till one day she could'nt find her cap...... full head she says, erm ok I said. Ended up with orange hair as the bleach started to burn my head, two brown home dyes later I was a patchy kacki colour. But thats not the end went to a good salon the colourist managed to get me to a ok brown, then after a month I wanted highlights the colourist said no no cant do that you'll need a full head, so being 17 and not knowing any better I agreed. Well when she finished I had an orange band at my roots, she said oh that'll fade again being young and naive I said ok paid and left. 1 month on still had the orange band 1 inch of roots and the rest peroxide blonde! went to a top hairedressers and was sat in there for 8 hours to get it fixed! I still go to the same hairedresser if she moves salon so do I! on the occasion I have let someone else do my hair nightmare and once a hairedresser a friend of a friend did it and guess what it all snapped and had to get it all cut from down my back to my shoulders arrrrrrrg SO NO DONT DO YOUR OWN HAIR, AND IF YOU FIND A GOOD HAIRDRESSER STICK WITH HER !!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:


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Late on a friday night came a knock on my door from a "mum" who came to our salon, her daughter had locked herself in her bedroom crying... she had tried to lighten her hair.... ooh when i agreed to go round as it was only a few doors away I saw (what i can only laugh at now) bright orange!! Bless her she was in a right state, I told her she should come into the salon the very next morning where I could "tone it down" hehe well I did help and it was better in the end my god we are going back a long time.
Oh I must add a friend of mine from school, she has the whitest blond hair you have ever seen, must admit it was almost albino white, I had always said to her, dont ever dye your hair at home as she always wanted brown hair?! (Explaining about the pigment needed as her hair was so white blonde) A few years on and I saw her in the shops with a nice Khaki shade of what I guess on the packet said... Medium brown!!


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bumping up in hopes to hear more of horror hair stories.

Great ones so far.


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Hi many years ago I had a small salon and two nice girls used to work there together alongside myself , one very experienced , the other not so experienced, but she was a good little stylist,
anyway I was always there if a colour consultation was needed ,
but one week i took a day off ,and when I
came back in the next day these two girls were at one anothers throats, so I asked wots the problem,

it seemed that the inexperienced one had started working on a set of highlights whilst the other girl was on the loo ,
anyway when she came back off the loo she was soooooo pissed off because it was her regular .
so she wouldnt speak to her and went for her break ,
I said is that all ? thats soooo petty

but then I found out that the client had jet black hair and had requested white highlights and the inexperienced girl had gone ahead with them , whilst the other girl had said nothing .
anyway once the highlites had turned white she went to the back wash to shampoo and they all came off like slimey fluff in the sink ,
which she saved to show me ,

declaring she had done every thing right ,
so when i explained to her that it wasnt something that we would have done, especially on dyed blue black hair and without taking any test pieces first,
she got angry and said well its the other hairdressers fault for not telling me

, I asked the other hairdresser why she didnt say any thing? she replied , well SHE never asked ,

boy I was getting frostbite from these two

so Im standing there with a bag of white/ khaki green fluff in my hands wondering what will happen to me with the insurance , and these two were just fighting with each other . so then the lady came back in and i looked at her hair , and Im sorry but this is sooooooooooo un professional but she looked like tiny white / khaki spikes had sprouted out of her head in between her black hair, she looked sooo funny I had to run in the back where i couldnt stop laughing :lol:, then I was crying:cry: I think I was so shocked.

any way the lady was sooo nice about it,
and luckily she had very thick hair
so I offered to do her hair free until it grew again plus deep heat treatments, but the thing that got me most is I had no support from the other two stylists just when I needed it most ,

I wish we could of had salon geek back then, :) from minky

Jeni Giles

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There isn't room for all the horror stories we've fixed:lol: We've had people come in with towels wrapped around their heads, baseball hats, requests for after hours so no one will know and referrals from salons in the area who aren't sure about how to fix it!!

Our latest- very labor intensive- fashion or punk purple and super blonde highlights- 1st shampoo= HOT PINK!! We took several steps, 6 hours later we had an acceptable color, deep plum and a soft blonde.

Everyday is an adventure in a school, you never know what our students will try!!


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There isn't room for all the horror stories we've fixed:lol: We've had people come in with towels wrapped around their heads, baseball hats, requests for after hours so no one will know and referrals from salons in the area who aren't sure about how to fix it!!

Our latest- very labor intensive- fashion or punk purple and super blonde highlights- 1st shampoo= HOT PINK!! We took several steps, 6 hours later we had an acceptable color, deep plum and a soft blonde.

Everyday is an adventure in a school, you never know what our students will try!!

deep plum soft blonde
sounds so cool , but 6 hrs later, what patience you must have ,

I wonder if there are any more howlers funny or not ? that has happened in other salons ?, an old lady came into me for consultation with a bright pink comb in the back of her hair ,and apologized for having tats because she couldnt find her comb , bless:lol:

I also had a nurse come in from work with a dried cat poop on the back of her cape it was right in the middle , she was mortified when i pointed it out because she had also walked to work like that , I asked how on earth could that happen? :eek: and she said that she had carefully cleaned and pressed it the night before and laid it over the sofa ,
and the cat well you know must have marked its owner.:lol: minky


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I have too many stories for this thread...My sister started hairdressing when she was 14yrs old, and I was 12.
Who did she experiment on?....I was all the mistakes she learned from :lol:
....I had a Purdey cut before Purdey had (Joanna Lumley's big fringe look for you youngsters).

Remember the 70's....remember perms?.......I still have nightmares....and shudder every time I see a poodle.:eek:

My hair has been every colour of the rainbow at one time or another..at a time when it wasn't really that common. My fave was my red feathered David Bowie look!
The worst though was when I put a dark brown rinse through my hair thinking I didn't need my sister.......then I had to drive to her shop with a hat on to let her see my purple/blue/black hair!!!...with my pale colouring I would have given a Goth a fright (not that Goths had been invented then lol:lol:)

After a lecture it got fixed!

You really must see some sights and have a laugh you super stylists.

Rachy Roo

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my hairdresser once told me she had to remove scrambled egg from someones hair.

the client had put egg in her hair cos she read it made it shiney - then rinsed it out with hot water which scrambled it.

took ages to pick egg chunks out of her hair!!! xx


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I'd just started college, and decided that I wanted Blue hair!! So I got a bleach from the market and blue hair dye, my hair went white with the bleach, even though Im naturally very dark brown/black, I thought it was great and proceeded to dye it blue.

Anyway, it went green! I thought id wait to see if it changed overnight, and it did, it went grey!! I couldnt believe it!! I then bought a home colour kit and dyed it back to my 'natural' colour!!

My hair at the time was short so it didnt take that long to get back into good condition!! lol funny thinking about it now!! I was horrified at the time!!


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That reminds me of when I started Beauty School and for Halloween a fellow student and I wanted orange hair. When I got home, I washed my hair and it was back to normal, I got a call from this girls mum, telling me that her daughters orange hair didn't wash out and was still stained orange. Lesson learned that if you have permed and highlighted hair, expect to have your hair stain by vibrant color rinses. Even if it is a "temporary rinse"

Haha! Reminds me of when I was 19 I used to dye my hair red.. After I 'graduated' from using Wella Colour Mousse (LOL!) I switched to a copper red from the Clairol Hydrience range.

This is the exact one I used actually:

I loved the colour and every used to comment on my "lovely red hair" some people also asked if I was a natural red-head.

So me being the divvy I am decided that when I next dyed my roots I would do my eyebrows to match, the acheive a 'more natural, redhead look!' PMSL! :o

Sadly, the only look I acheived was one of day-glow orange eyebrows! :eek:

Reminds me of that sit-com Game On when Matthew dyes his hair and eyebrows bright orange to be ginger like Martin! Haha!

I am much better now as a blonde, I can live up to the stereo-type when I make silly mistakes such as that! LOL


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Hi, That scrambled egg one made me lol :lol:that was so funny.

When I was training one of my fingers slipped out of the hole in the scissors handle, they dropped open and the point of the blade dropped onto the clients head and made an actual small hole in his scalp,:eek:

He flew out of the chair and wouldn't come back ,

I was so shaken up by it ,that even now my scissors are screwed quite tight so they don't drop open ,

Mind you them days we had massive long scissors, minky

Jeni Giles

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Had a new home hair disaster come in today, her appointment was at 9:30 we finished at 3:00 WHEW!!! Next to her scalp, heat zone out about 1 inch a lovely baby chicken yellow. The next 4 inches a lovely shade of orange, similar in color to a filet of salmon. The last 2 inches were an interesting shade of grey/green. She left with a lovely nuetral medium brown with deeper red brown low lights and a few light golden brown highlights.

I really wish people would attempt box color from walmart in the middle of the night!!! Especially when they have some where to go over the weekend! Crazy! Pure Crazy!!

Minky if you want the full blown step by step, pm me and I'd be glad to share, yes we used lots of green!!!


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We are getting alot of highschoolers in that thought having black hair would be a hottest coolest thing to wear. They are now paying corrective coloring prices to get it out of their hair.

yeah Best friends and Walmart equals disaster and paying the price later on.

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I am not a hairdresser, but I am still having a good laugh at the horror stories people have done to their hair. Poor things!
xxx:) :lol: