I just fell down the stairs, boo hoo.


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Sep 24, 2007
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Fife, Scotland
Old old story, old slippy slippers & not looking where I am going, slid down on my bum and whacked my right wrist off the banisters. Got a huge bruise up my arm.

I have had to cancell my waxinig client for today coz I cant grip. Its sore wail boo hoo. :cry::cry:

I hate falling down the stairs - I try to avoid it if possible :)

I hope you feel better soon.
Thanks, I feel such a muppet.
I fell down stairs this may just gone and broke my right shoulder and arm further down,just be thankful it wasn't too bad chuck:hug: and peeps please be careful not to run down stairs and try to hold your bannister:eek:.

It's one of the worst things that has ever happened to me in my life and I still get scared going down the stairs, I am still having physio.I cant do massage or full sets of enhancements as it hurts to file too much.

Sorry to go on but I never used to even think about the horrors of falling down the stairs.

Hope you get well soon hun:hug: xxSorry to say all this but wanted to warn people of the danger.
Get rid of those old slippers!!


Take care :)
Sending you hugs!!! Hope it feels better soon!! :hug: :hug:
Ouch!! :hug::hug:
ouch you poor thing. hope you feel better soon.:hug:
poor you hun....hope you feel better real soon xxx:hug:
Poor you Babsann - makes my wrist sound pitiful.

Oh well I shall just have to take the day off and rest it. I am sure it will be better tomorrow.

I just get so bored sitting about doing nothing but watching the TV. I think I'll take the dog for a walk while its sunny.

Thanks everyone for all your good wishes it makes me feel so much better.

Love Trish :hug:
Aww Hope you feel better soon chick xx.. I tend to fall up the stairs more. :lol:
I fell down the stairs outside last winter - it really hurt, but the worst part was..... I peed my pants! :o
If you wack your kidney apparently that's what happens.
Fortunately no one was around.

Have a nice hot tub and take care x
I do hope you are feeling better now, I did the same on Sunday. Iwas on my way down with my hands full and whollop, I have a bruise as big as a Side Plate. WOW that hhurt I was out of acction all day Monday, not able to sit or even turn in bed without pain:cry:

Jenny x
Advanced Beauty Clinic - Warwickshire

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