I'm back!!


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Judge Gigi-Honorary Geek
Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
Just to let you all know I'm back and I've missed you!!

Simon and I had a terrific time in South Efrica (thats how they say it not how it is spelled :D ) Saw all the 'Big 5' and more. Managed to convert a most beautiful Spa Salon in Cape Town over to Creative (typical) and learned allot.

Glad to be home though and to see my poor doggies who must have been very bored and fed up. I'm not going anywhere for ages!!

I can't possibly read through all the posts I have missed, so if anyone has hoped for some comment from me and didn't get one, then please send your post to the top of the list for me to read!!

Love you guys and am so glad to be back!!
Heyyyyyyyyyy Good to have you back hun! :D

Missed U loads and welcome back to the family...... :biggrin:

Ta taaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

Welcome back Geeg, So glad you had a lovely time.
Have missed your words of wisdom :cry: But now you are back where you belong :D
nice to hear you are back. :D
Welcome back Hun, So you converted a Spa , well why doesn't that supprise me lol ?????
I bet Chewie and Ben are glad to have you both back home......There will be lots of tail wagging for sure........................
We have missed ya loads...............xxxxxxxxxxxx
Oh Geeg.. what perfect timing... i did my one to one with anne swaine today in l &p and boy am i going to have lots of questions/moans/problems to keep you - and fellow geeks - busy with.. good job youre not off any where soon!!!
that aside good to have you back we've all missed you
Welcome back Geeg, you`ve been missed BIG TIMEY.
Got back just in time to help with my dilemma too I see, thank you
It is good to have you back Geeg. I was wondering why you had been gone so long. I bet you had a wonderful time! :cool:
hi gigi glad you had a great time and even more glad your back safe and sound (what would we all do without you!!! :D ) xxx
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