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Apr 16, 2007
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I just came across a nailart video on youtube on the same principle as those nail moulds that have been brought up on some threads before.
YouTube - Inverted Glitter Art Red White & Silver Tip=
YouTube - Gallery Pictures=
YouTube - Inverted Glitter Art Black & Silver Tip=

Those are the direct links

I do have to say that the finished nail doesn,t look bad at all...i just wonder how they avoid excesive acrylic to come on the skin when they push it onto the nail + distorting the design when they press it on since the acrylic obviously still has to be semi wet to adhere to the nailplate :rolleyes: hmmm....interesting
ooh very interesting stuff

many thanks for sharing
Oh no problem! You're very welcome :hug:
They are ez-nail videos I have seen them before and it all looks very intresting :)
I Agree the finish nail dose look good............ hmmmmmmmm very interesting indeed
yes, very interesting.
but they dont show the whole process do they. there is no sign of what happens next after you have done the design. perhaps they wait for it to dry and then use a bead of acrylic to adhere it to the nail, or perhaps a thick adhesive. i think either way it would be a stick on nail.
it seems a waste of skill to use nail art talent for a set of stick ons.
Yeh thanks for that.

Wouldn't it be good if you could work that fast with your brush though, eh?:)
they're not plastic stick-ons they are moulds that are removed once that acrylic is set in place :)
So does the whole of the tip/thingy they are doing the design on cover the whole of the nail and as angel said, I guess a bead of pink must be used to adhere it? And you'd also have to get to grips layering backwards when doing the designs!

Using those brushes with the hairy bits would do my head in lol!
they're not plastic stick-ons they are moulds that are removed once that acrylic is set in place :) the product doesn't actually stick to the mould then.....wasn't sure about that and I thought they would be rather tick if you left the plastic on and how do you 'do' the nail bed following the tip design?
yes you paint the whole of the mould, once the tip is dry, blob a bead of clear or pink acrylic at the base and press onto the nail bed. hold down, leave to set then remove mould. nails done in 20mins!! no buffing required, just shape the free edge and apply super shiny :eek:
you can be as creative as you like with the tip or even place the art in the center under the smile a heart or something ?:)
Pinkholic do you use this system ??
It guess does make sense, because you have the mould behind the nail there's no finishing required as it's virtually done for you before you start!

How can you ensure that the mould fits each and every nail, I assume they come in different sizes though? Do you pre-taylor them?

And I guess when you have down time you could be creating moulds.....very interesting.
yes the moulds come in 10 sizes like regular nail tips, you would size them as normal.

i have not used them yet but i have ordered them and cant wait to start creating some designs, bospoke glitters are my thing i love it ha ha. i ve done loads of research on this product and been tracking it for ages. i think it is due to be on sale here in the uk in October :)
yes but i have ordered mine from a different site. its a spanish site but you can click on an USA flag and is translated into english. i'll forward the site (just need to copy and paste it) i'll send it in my 2nd thread. (i am rubbish at the linking thing).

my only worry with this technique is that the stress line wont be strong enough:irked:
Yeh thanks for that.

Wouldn't it be good if you could work that fast with your brush though, eh?:)

phew Im glad you said that cathie , I was beginning to feel very inferior then :green:

anyway, I will admit I'm not keen, dont know why I'm not, I'm just not lol ...I am not a woman of many words :lol:
mabey if i saw it done in the flesh I would change my mind,
wonder why they show only long, nail art nails, and no natural looking enhancements, super long nails dont appeal to everyones eye,
mabey if they had few nice natural looking enhancements in there i would be a little more impressed

I understand about the finish being smooth, as what will be the upside of the nail, is on a smooth mould, but what about the underside of the nail,
would this not be gritty ?
it annoy's me enough if i ever have a little ridge under my nail, if i havent fitted form properly or something,
so if the underneath was gritty it would really do my nut in
Translated version of
ah ha done it well done me ha ha
i would use an electric file to buff out any ridges on the underside

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