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Jul 17, 2007
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east sussex

hello everyone i work in a beauty salon doing nails on a 60% 40% basis and work with 2 loverley beauty girls and my sort of boss who does beauty aswell but we have all been having a few problems,

my boss is always bussie but were not i mean we have 1 or 2 clients a week since november and my boss dosent seem to want any of us to advertise,

we have tried have 2 treatments and get the cheepest free tried to set up websites but all she does in get in a mood and the other day my beauty coleuge (a) had a bit of a run in with the boss lady who got all up set and said that she cant do this anymore
the salon isent bussie and all we seam to do is sit on our bums! so we suggested having a staff meating so we could all talk about how we feel but sort of boss sand there no time for childless stuff like that,

so beauty coleuge (a) said she is very close to walking out because of the working attude and the snide comments and beauty coleuge (b) said she is having a interview next week forr a full time job and if she gets it she will leave, as for me my mums hairdresser has her own salon and has offerded me a job on a 80% 20% basis in her salon the only problem is the only parking you haft to pay for witch can be alot,

so i dont no weather to stay or leave with the others i realy like the girls and like working there but if they left i think working life will turn in to hell and it will be me and the boss in the big salon (apart from the saturday girls and reception girls) all alone and me still with a client problem
if the 2 girls do leave....would that mean more clients for you in your current job ??????....you have to do what you think is best hun.....with the other shop...parking might put people off but they still will come ....good luck in what you decide and let us know how it all goes xxx
im not sure if i would get more clients as im a nail tech and they do beauty, in regards to the other salon its rite next to a big housing estate and all the people that live there go to her salon and i no that it will be slow for a while but the fact that i will get 80% of the money from all my clients will mean alot lol
seems like you have made up your mind huni!!!!....you can get advice on here but at the end of the day...only YOU can decide what to do and if you want 80% and i bit slow at first then go for it...good luck hun xxx
:) It sounds like the second hairdresser's is a better bet, like you said there is a housing estate there, plus you could advertise, might be slow in the bigining but isn't it slow now where you are, I would move, but it is only you that can make that decission good luck:lol:
I work in a room and people have to pay parking and they just do it, because they have always had to do it.
If people come to the hairdressers, they pay parking, so they won't think twice about paying for parking to have nails done.

I think you've already made your mind up! I think you want to go to the hairdressers.

What about going part-time at the place that you are at, and part-time at the HD. You can then give yourself time to think about which one you really want to commit too.

sounds like your boss is stressed and has got 'tunnel vision' to get her through the hard times. It is extremely stressful running a salon, as she has all of the business overheads to pay. She obviously doesn;t want to talk to you about it, and I find it strange that she doesn't want you advertising yourselves. Do you think she is running the place down to close it?
to be honest we all think she mite be running it down as an exciouse to close the salon mind you she is getting on a bit and has had the salon for 15 yr.

thank you all for your advice your all so sweet i think it will be nice to start rite from the bottom and work it up in the hd i think its a possitive move :lol:

thanks again xxx
to be honest we all think she mite be running it down as an exciouse to close the salon mind you she is getting on a bit and has had the salon for 15 yr.

thank you all for your advice your all so sweet i think it will be nice to start rite from the bottom and work it up in the hd i think its a possitive move :lol:

thanks again xxx

good luck hun...hope we all helped out a bit.xxx
You are obviously not happy where you are and have an opportunity to be happy some where else, what do you have to lose (nothing)
so what if you have to pay for your parking, if it works out too expensive get a weekly bus pass and go to work on the bus if that works out cheaper,
or when you have a regular from the estate that is close by why not ask if you can pay to park in their driveway for the time you at the hairdressers,
there is no point staying where none of the staff are happy as this will not pull in those ever needed clients,
good luck with your future hun :hug:
I think you should leave. The owner sounds like the one I got stuck with at previous salon I rented in, she wouldn't advertise and definetly didn't like new ideas !

I knew she wouldn't change and as far as I know she still hasn't ! I would get out as soon as you can.
You are not happy so just do it.
In your whole working life people you love and loathe come and go.You can still keep the ones you like as friends, my closest friends are people i worked with 20 and more years ago.

Work is such a huge part of anyones life you should always be able to get up in the morning and be happy to go there.
i compleetly agree with you i do like working there "when im working" i dident work atall last week and as far as i no im going to be realy quiot this week im def going to leave but how do i leave with out feeling gilty or upsetting the owner
I think that your well-being is what matters most. Happiness isnt all about money (but it IS what pays the bills). Your boss may be paying you a salary, but if you move to a salon with more traffic you may be able to work off comission and make a lot more money. I think that working with people you enjoy is important and gets you through the day, but your job shouldnt be dependant on it. Also, your boss sounds very closed-minded and not very business savy, as advertisment is key to a successful business. If things don't change I strongly suggest you leave. Working from home is also an option.

hope this helps, and good luck!! :)
Concerning how to leave without upsetting the boss? no good answer to that one, she'll probably be upset either way. Just tell her that you need to look out for number-one. I would suggest seeing whats out there, handing out some resumes or asking around from word-of-mouth, (its always better to get hired somewhere before giving your two weeks notice). Then simply explain to your boss that you've been offered a great oportunity someplace and have to take advantage of it. Than thank her for the oportunity she's given you and all that you've learnt there.
as spakitten said, thank her and leave on the best terms that you can.

someone once said to me, no matter how sh1tty the job, always leave a door open so that you can return if needs be.

Its not working for you, and you are going to resent it more and more. You're not getting paid for an empty appointment book, and I think you'd be better off leaving before the other 2 go, as you'll feel even worse leaving if they've already gone.

start planning your new place. make an appointment to go to see the Hairdresser, spend a few hours there to get a feel for the place. If possible, spend a day there, you'll find out what noise you will contend with, how professional the HD staff are, how much traffic the place gets.
she left!!! one of the beauty girls left to day she left a letteer explaining that she wasent erning enouth the carry on working there that she was spending more on petrol then the money from clients! oww im gona miss her but my boss seamed angry about it not upset.
well i think i have made my decishion im leaveing my currant salon and moving to the hair salon i have spoken to the "new" boss and she is going to start advertising no for when i start just after new year, yes you did here write she is going to advertise before i even get there where as before the boss dident want to no anything about advertising well i must have made the rite decishion as i am quite excited about it new start for a new year i think
Good luck - it will be hard work and at times you will think that you made the wrong decision but do keep at it - put the time and work in and it will repay you.

x x x
thank you all for your kind advice i let you no how it goes xxx

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