Mobile Nail Tech Insurance! Baffling! Help!


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Aug 2, 2007
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Dorset, UK
Hi All

As I've now passed my NSI exam I am trying to start a mobile business, I know I need insurance and I have typed in google to search but there are soo many companies and I dont really know which one to go for!

Any help / advise / suggestions would be appreciated

I'm insured with Professional Beauty - very reasonable!
I'm insured with Professional Beauty - very reasonable!

Me too. It covers everyhting you need for about £38 a year unless you do other beauty extras then its a bit more. xx
Thats who i am with! £37.50 for nails.

I have just rang them today and upgraded it to the £49.50 and it covers you for practacaly every thing!


Thats the number

Is that the same company as Professional Nails Direct? I'm insured with them for the £30 odd quid a year or whatever it is. They also offer a subscription to a magazine for an extra £30 or something, I declined, I already subscribed to Scratch. Has anyone else taken the additional magazine with the insurance, if so is it worth the extra??
I went with BABTAC, it was £49.50 with a free years subscription to Scratch Magazine.
im with the guild it was £60 at first but ive now upgraded £30 , but i went with them because they were the only ones who would insure me as a student!!

hths xx
When I was in the UK - Professional Beauty - very good service and covers everything - I'd recommend them

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Thanks Geeks,

Professional Beauty seems to be the most popular!

Im going to give them a call

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