Mrs. Geek or anyone, I would like to buy a Nail table help?


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Jan 29, 2003
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hi everyone It`s just me, Tanya from Italy...we have plenty `o PIZZA, but no nails :rolleyes: i WANT THE LABELLA lb123 black cabinets w\blk marble top!! Is there a VERY reputable store I can call to buy this, and does anyone know if they will send these things to another country? I figure its better to get it from Uk than America,(it`s only 2 hours from me) I suppose this would be a ? for mrs. Geek maybe
thank you all
Not sure about the 'particular' desk you are talking about but 'Polished' does furniture for the nail tek with tables that have the 'vapex D' extraction system and also tek chairs and client chairs. If you call 0044 113 275 5719 and ask for Charles Cawthray he should be able to help! ;) sorry have been sooo busy today, completely forgot to forward that Italian Distributor info - will add it to my list of 'to-do's!!! Ciao Bella! :D
Check out

Its a nail warehouse and they do really good manicure desks ranging from £130 - £180 :biggrin:
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