Mui and her baby pictures


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Hi guys and gals,
Just got this from Mui this morning via email
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh isn't he lovely
Beautifull pictures Mui and a beautyfull baby too !!!!!
lots of love Ruth xxxxx

Sawadee ka!
He is absolutely adorable Mui ... and so are you. You look like you are in paradise.

kop khun ka
Sawadee ka

Ahhh Mui, your son is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm sure you are both going to have lots of fun togehter.

I love your photo too!!! :D :D :D

Best wishes,

mui ........... how sweet does he look .................... he is beautiful mui thanks for sharing the photo with us all.

love faye xx
gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
he has to be one of the most beautiful babies i've seen in a long while :flower:
you must be v.proud :D
he even has a david beckham hairstyle 8)
love & kisses to you both
lol liza xx
What a cutie he is. He takes after his mum, doesn't he? :D
mui he is so adorable you must be so proud love to you both
Oh My! That baby IS adorable! :sunny:
He is a little Cutie! You must be really proud of him Mui!

That water looks really peaceful and relaxing, where abouts is it? Can you swim in it or are there Aligators in there?

He is just an adorable little boy, you must be so proudto be his mum.
Hope both are keeping well?

Take care
He is just soooooooooooo adorable.
Hope that you are both keeping well hugs to baby.
Dawnie xxxxxxxxx
Congratulations Mui - you must be so proud!

He's absolutely adorable especially that little button nose - ahhhhh :D

...he is lovely...what a lot of hair!!! :shock:
Mui, he is just too cute ......what is his name?
wow! Mui your baby is just gorgeous!
Hi mui what a beautiful baby boy seeing him has made me all broody ....... :rolleyes: i have always wanted a little boy he has lots of lovely hair just like my first born amy :D
nickki jonesx
Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy - he is GORGEOUS!

:p Lesleyx
Mui....hes is simply adorable. He's asleep too????
My goodness I was never that lucky to have such beautiful babes that slept aswell!!!! :rolleyes:
You are a very lucky lady!

all my love to both! :sunny:
Isnt he the most cutest lil bundle of meeping beauty?!

*sighs* When do I get one?! :rolleyes:

Lol! Congratulations Mui :)

sawasdee kha

Kop khun makmak na kha you speak very very nice about my baby .

Tomorrow i go learn nail 15 day i think about baby too much but i must go learn .

Kop khun mak mak na kha mui
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