My PC is in the Hospital


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

My computer is in the hospital. In intensive care, it's stable for the time being, should be on the road to recovery soon... HOPEFULLY.

It seems to have a virus and a temperature, has a tendency to develop a fever when overworked and then shuts down completely (I TOLD YOU I was working too hard:!:) and passes out.

I had hoped that it was to be only an overnight procedure and out the next day... however, doctors are keeping it under observation and running a battery of tests.

I MISS MY BABY:!: I'm so lost without him:!:

Nothing worse than trying to enjoy my morning java without my baby.

It may need a heart-transplant, or at the very least, some transfusions.....

ANYWAY... long story made short..

I'm without my pc, and "OFFLINE" for the time being. I am presently visiting a friend for sympathy for my plight, and using her computer.
I am HOPING to have my baby back for Friday.

I will harass friend's periodically until my baby's safe release from the hospital, to use their computers as I can, in the interim.

Try not to miss me too much
and do not panic over Santa stuff if anything arises.
I WILL be around to sort it.

Miss you all
(I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo having withdrawal.......:irked::grr:)
god how i would miss my computor if it ever gets sick !

best wishes for a speedy recovery, i hope you are reunited soon.:)
Hope you're not tempted to have your computer 'put down'. :wink2:

I am afraid I am guilty of buying new when there are too many problems.:o

Hope you are reunited soon.:Love:.....
I feel for ya!

I am totally getting carried away with the emoticons - just recently noticed the 'more' link!
Awwww V -that is what being friends is all about! Being able to abuse their PC when you have all but killed your own off!

(only kiddin) - I am sure he will be back safe and sound soon.

x x x
we shall miss you and your computer while you are gone xxxxx
I had no computer for 6 days a while ago - the worst 6 days of my life :)rolleyes:) - I spent the whole time getting up going to walk over to the PC and going oh yeah, damn and sitting back down LOL
Hope it recovers soon :hug: :)wink2:)

Wishing your pc a very speedy recovery .... probably a result of all those Secret Santa's PM's causing serious melt-down .... hope to see ya back with us soon Victoria :hug:
Aww bless ya, i went 4 days without mine last week and was having widthdrawl syptoms aswell.Glad iv got mine back online now,good luck with yours V xxx
My PC is STILL in the Hospital.

Has left intensive care... and am hoping to get it back tonight.

IF I don't get it tonight, will visit a friend tomorrow to check details for the auction etc.

THANKS everyone.

At a friend's now, gotta run, lots of crap to check on my online emails etc


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