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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and gals well i am still suffering from a monster headache from 2 days ago and its got me pretty convinced its the monomers that i use. it causes like a dehydrated hangover headache at the back of my head so needless to say im not a happy bunny (and no its not to much of the booze havent been on the razzle this weekend!! :D )
i realy want to offer my cleints L&P as well as fabric# im mobile so dont have an in table ventilator so i was wondering about the table top thingys you can buy does anyone use one of these and does it make a dramatic difference to the amount of fumes? my only other alternative would be to use an L&P system that is odorless like the new nsi one (has anyone tried this?) but in all honesty i would rather stick to my creative liquid and powders 8) at a bit of a loss as what to do any idears? :D
Dear Nicky,

I have to tell you that it is really highly unlikely that it is monomer vapours that are causing your headaches ... seriously. There is no reason why they would. Could be the way you sit or hold your head or the angle of your neck or the tension etc. You might say then, why am I not getting headaches when I use fabric#?? Could it be that you expect to get a headache when you work with L&P??

One just does not produce concentrations of vapour at the nail desk that would cause this. Not if you are following all the advice given to minimise odour etc. doug schoons book is quite clear on this point ... there is no physical reason that when working prudently with monomer that you should get a headache from it. Odour free systems also produce vapours, and they are also L&P so the situation shouldn't change, unless it is just the smell you do not like.
Well love,
As long as you work smart and keep vapours to a minimum, and have some ventilation, so the air is exchanged you should be fine...........
Open a window form time to time......... better still, leave a window slightly open...................

I get the same sort of headache when there isn't enough air in the room, and all I do is watch TV ..........
But as Geeg rightly pointed out............... Posture is the most important thing......... wrong posture and the muscles just tense and voilar headache is brewing...............
Changing to odorless just takes the smell away not the vapour..........
Even with odourless and no ventilation, would still be a headache situation......

Yep Doug Schoon is the bees knees in information......so read and enjoy.........and be safe.....................
Thanks girls for you help on this one maybe you are right geeg its probly tension (waiting for the nails to go all wrong :D) like you say im fine with fabric# and i do keep my window open to allow more ventilation maybe it is just the smell then? i have doug's book so will dig it out later and have a read. i do keep tops on bottles and lids on dampen dishes ect headache has gone today so will be having another practise tonight will try and pay special attention to my posture and take on board any points in doug's book to see if that helps also getting my mobile table today so hopefully that will help with the posture thing thanks again girls much appreciated! ;)
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