Oh, Sandi.....

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Our trusted, loved and valued Co-Admin Sandi (ValencianNails) has escaped.


Sandi has been a member of SalonGeek.com for like 8 freaking years and quickly established herself as a great contributor that easily found fairness and balance in storms of drama. This is why she eventually was captured as a mod (how many years ago was that?) and then promoted to high security lock down as an Admin.

She is now an highly sought after moderator for many top sites around the world and we have been very lucky to have her still pop in during her time off to give perspective and guidance to her fellow Admins and new Mod team.

With the new team in place (and doing a freaking awesome job) and demand for Sandi increasing, she wants to stand down as admin so that the time she can spend on the site can be spent enjoying as part of the community instead of dealing with all the adminy/moddy stuff.

So please join me in thanking her for all of her contributions to the site. Her time, perspective and friendship is core to the essence of SalonGeek.com and I have been very lucky to count her as part of my team.

Sandi is survived by Mod Team 2.0 and fellow admins Fiona (NaturalNails) and Moí.

Thanks Sandi :)


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Thanks Sandi xx


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Thank you Sandi, yourself and all the other 'behind the scenes guys' do a wonderful job :hug:

Thanks sandi, salon geek is like my life now since starting college if I'm not practising nails,tans etc I'm on here.

Thanks Sandi, for being one of my best friends! Just be prepared for MSN to be red hot LOL! xx


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Thank you for everything and above all, your continued friendship :hug: xx


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thanks sandi
Thanks Sandi x


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Thank you so much, Sandi. I'm still going to bug you, though... just kidding... or, am I? :wink2:

Klassy Klaws

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Thanks so much for everything you have done for the site and for all the personal help you have given me and many others over the last 6 years.
You were one of the first Geeks I ever spoke to and am privlaged to have met you and be able to call you one of my dear friends.
:Love: :hug:


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Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I'm going to hold her by her ankles and she walks out the door!

Thanks for everything, Sandi. You're awesome!


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I will thank you again the next time we meet up ... which we do on a regular basis ... cause she doesn't live far from moi!! :green: Love you loads but will see you .. you know where!!! XXXX Thanks for everything.
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Thanks for all that you've done on this site!

Don't be a stranger xx


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You finished digging that tunnel at last then Sandi :green::lol::green:!!! Thanks lovely for being a fab mod and a friend :hug:.


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Thank you Sandi. :)

Kim Lawless

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Love love love Sandi to bits. Yes, she has always been very fair and has never been tempted by a back hander from me:)

Thanks for all your hard work Sandi. xx

I haven't been on here for long but ima self confessed addicted geek but thanks!!! Xxxxx


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:hug: enjoy your new found freedom :)

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Sandi - love always and thank you!!! :Kissing::hug::Love:

Anna Lee

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Sandi.... Can't believe you are finally leaving the team... :cry:
Thank you so much for everything throughout the years... Xxx