Oh, Sandi.....


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:eek: Shocked isn't the word!!!

I am in full Victor Meldrew mode here.....I don't belieeeeve it !!

I never saw this coming at all.

All the best, and thanks for everything, you have been a stalwart of this site for so long you will really be missed. I am glad you will stll be sticking around on the site though, even without your super admin powers :hug:


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What can I say... except thank you for your kind words :hug:

I'm not able to spend the time on here like I used to so stepping down as an admin and mod was the right thing to do. I've made some fantastic and very special friends (you know who you are) and I'll still be popping in from time to time.

Take care and don't go giving the Mod Team too much work :wink2:



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Sandi you have done a brilliant job and this site will miss you. Much love from me to you xxxxx


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Sandi, thank you so much for everything!! :hug:

You will be very much missed on this site and although I'm sad to see to go, I'm delighted for you that you're in such demand.

I wouldn't be a Geek Guide without you... thank you so much for your words of wisdom and the very best of luck for the future.

Don't be a stranger now :wink2: