Omg wart advise needed!!!!


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Jul 12, 2010
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North Lincolnshire
Hi Guys!

I'm sure someone on here can help me. Over the weekend I noticed a small "thing" on my little finger, just in the crease of my knuckle. My GP today confirmed it as a wart and has put me on the waiting list to have it removed......I could be waiting 7 WEEKS!!!!!! OMG I can't work with a bl**dy wart on my hand! :eek:ANY help would be muchly appriciated!

Thanks in advance,

Suzanne x
Oh no!
I don't know if this helps, but I had one when I was younger, and my mum put something on it - it was a small bottle from the chemist, and it had a 'W' in it's name coz I wanted to call it WD40.
Anyway, a couple of drops of that and a plaster on it and it was gone in a fortnight!

Just put a plaster over it or use gloves if you need to, don't panic!:)
You can get a product called wartner from the chemist and remove it in a couple of days yourself. It does the same thing, used it on my son.:lol:

Wartner | About Wartner

My son had one and he was prescribed salica gel. You have to file down the wart with an emery board and then apply the gel.It was gone within the week.
I think I read it on here somewhere that you can use silver duct tape on them for a couple of weeks and it gets rid of them haven't personally tried it but the poster said it worked!
I had a few warts on my hands that came a year ago. I absolutely hated them, the doctor was useless she did a freeze treatment but left it on for about 3 seconds and that was it!! 5 visits to the doctors later i decided to do it myself.

Buy the scholl freeze verruca and wart remover...apply freeze spray cotton bud thing and leave it on for as long as you can take it. Then do it again for good measure.

You really do have to be pretty brutal with it.

The next day you will get a blister...when that goes you will have no wart either.

As long as you are quite persistant with it.

I am not a doctor but this worked so well for me on my warts and a verruca a friend had.

I tried all the remedies sasylic acid, banana skin, garlic, vinagar, nail varnish, super glue and duct tape.
I think I will give the freezing thing a go! Thanks so much for all your help!
lol.. its only a wart.. i had one a year or so ago and had it froze off too!! not the most attractive things i must say though lol ! good luck with getting rid of it :)
Yes Salica gel worked for me too - why not give that a go whilst waiting for the freezing option and use plasters in the meantime.
Don't panic it will soon be gone! :)
I'll be honest I had a very loyal client with 2 warts and I worked on her loads, never caught it once! I'm quite cynical about warts being 'contagious'. But from a clients point of view I do understand where you're coming from and realise I'm probably on my own with this opinion. Stick a plaster over it until you get it sorted and if anyone asks lie and say its a cut if it bothers you that much or you're worried about their opinion

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