Please can you clear something up for me on Sodium Laureth Sulphate


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Dec 10, 2008
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Does this ingrediant help to cause spots and or acne problems?

There is such a mix reactions on the Internet I am confused.

I know Tea Tree is good for spots and I am using Australian Bodycare skin Wash and it contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate, it is in very skin wash near enough even high brands, is it good or bad?

Thank you
I might be wrong here but i vaguely remember being told a long time ago that soduim laureth sulphate is a type of soap and is found in all products that foam such as shower gels, shampoo's etc.

Like i say, that could be wrong though!

No I think you are right, I think it is what makes a product foam but does it contract with spots and acne? x
I'm not too sure on that one hun, i guess if its too drying on the skin it can have an adverse effect making the skin over-produce oil causing more spots?

I believe it is a foaming agent and is drying to the skin so as said i suppose could stimulate overproduction?
Any ingredient in a product could cause a reaction. The only way to be sure is to stop using the product (s) containing the ingredient and see if it makes a difference.
SLS is basically a detergent and foaming agent. It's what makes your shampoo/shower gel/face wash/toothpaste so nice and frothy. It can dry out the skin but that would depend on not only your skin but also the other ingredients in the product. I have oily skin and I have yet to find a cleanser that cleans my skin properly without leaving it slightly tight. And I've tried loads of products with and without SLS.
I now use and retail Outback Organics Tea Tree range of products, these are SLS, Paraben and Mineral Oil free. And they are fab products too from a British company.

Other companies I know that produce SLS, Paraben free products that I love are Jersey Cow Company, Heyland & Whittle, Jason and there are some others that I forget.

Some people can be particularly sensitive to SLS and others not bothered by it. It's a foaming agent and degreaser, so can cause your skin to dry out. Some are more harsh than others, but it has been linked to skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis etc.
It is a salt based foaming agent, commonly found in detergent based cheaper products. Anyone can be sensitive to any ingredient.
Sulphate free shampoos are pureology (the whole range) and sulphate free soaps are found at heyland and whittle. Both are available at Welcome - Indigo Hair & Beauty
I have researched this subject quite a lot and only use sulphate free products on myself.

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