Sulfate and silicone free shampoo recommendations desperately needed

Discussion in 'Ask a pro' started by *Carly*, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. *Carly*
    I looked up Sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate. Its considered fairly mild but still can be irritating.

    It's bonkers isn't it? The problem is, most surfactants are irritants. Anything that doesn't actually break out my skin usually has a tendency to make it dry and peely. All the shampoos that I probably could use (dermorganic sounded good ingredient wise, as did macadamia) have quite a few reviews where people said it was too heavy for their roots and their hair always looked dirty - exactly the same problem I had with the Bain de terre!

    I can't imagine conditioner washing is going to clean my hair much either, but lots of people seem to swear by it so I thought it was worth a try. Seems quite a faff though. I got one which is rosemary based, as I think rosemary is supposed to be naturally cleansing, antibacterial and stimulating. I'm probably sensitive to that too though lol, lavender hates me.

    I looked up the weleda baby wash and shampoo. Seems ingredient friendly but the reviews for it all say its great as a wash, though quite drying, but made their hair dreadful. It seems you just can't win.

    Tomorrow I'm going to wash with the dr bronners (this dries my skin out terribly and the ph is ridiculously high, but I need to start with clean hair) Do an apple cider vinegar rinse to try to clarify, get rid of the revolting residue and lower the ph after the dr bronners and then cowash with the faith in nature rosemary. The plan is to continue co washing with the occasional apple cider vinegar rinse. I will update with how I get on though I'm not expecting gorgeous hair. Xx
  2. Nikinkibabyx
    What have you done all your life? Just suffered it or has it worsened as you've gotten older ?

    I just can't imagine how you must dread washing your hair !! I hate washing mine because I then need to dry it haha but to actually dread washing it coz you will break out ! Awful :( xx
  3. Nikinkibabyx
  4. *Carly*
    I spent almost my entire life thinking I just had acne, it was my skin and there was little I could do about it. I used prescribed creams but refused roaccutane due to the side effects. One day I couldn't get hold of my favourite face cleanser anymore so I asked on makeupalley if anyone knew of a suitable replacement as it was the only thing that seemed to clear up my skin. Some kind soul read through the ingredients list and figured out the reason it was the only thing that ever worked was because it didn't contain sulfates! This was a revelation to me! Now it's relatively easy to go sulfate free on my face, I can remove makeup with coconut oil or something and ATM I am actually using just water with a konjac sponge or a use a gentle scrub by the brand good things. I still have acne and use prescribed topical creams for it, but it is finally in check and I have generally good skin on my face.

    My body on the other hand is a nightmare. It's far more reactive than my face. When I used to wear my nails extremely square without rounding the corners, I'd wake up covered in bloody scratches. I wake myself up in the night scratching. The acne products often irritate my skin too. I have to go on the sunbed frequently which generally helps. Washing my skin is a nightmare. Everything irritates it or dries it out and I can hardly wash my body with an oil as I wouldn't feel clean. I've had a serious breakout this week from what I sadly believe is a new body moisturiser I got at Olympia. My shoulders are bad and my chest is a ruined mess. I've got almost no tops with a high enough neckline to cover it so if I go out I have to pile the make up on my chest which antagonises it further.

    I've just not washed my hair since saturday before last and I keep it up almost constantly. I'm getting sick of it. I find stuff that doesn't irritate my body but it leaves my hair looking dreadful.

    Sorry for the rant. I'm currently in bed, itching and scratching like mad and having a pity party!

    My hubbie actually mentioned making my own shampoo so gonna check that out. Thanks so much xx
  5. Nikinkibabyx
    That sounds like a right pain ! I feel so bad for you :( it sounds awfully limiting and stressful.

    I definitely think making your own shampoo would be the only way around it as even the 'purest' ones have ingredients you can't use . The one I posted actually sounds lovely and I would even make it just to try it out xx
  6. *Carly*
    After today's experiment I actually want to cry.

    To begin with my mid lengths and ends, afte being in a bun all week were actually clean and fine. My roots were itchy and greasy however so I had to wash with something.

    I did two washes with dr bronners rose liquid Castile. As I previously mentioned, it leaves a ton of gross residue and I had a feeling would make my hair suck. Well it felt absolutely vile like the last time I tried it in my hair (I lathered once and ha to use a standard shampoo after to get the icky residue out, but this time I had no other shampoo to use and was trying to tolerate it). All the blog said an apple cider vinegar rinse would get out the residue, lower the ph and close the hair shaft.

    Well I did that. Put in the ACV, massaged it through. Got it in my eye, had a palava, sorted out that trauma and left it for a few minutes before rinsing. I wrapped my hai in a towl turban thing for ten mins. Let it air dry for a little bit then attempted to blow dry.

    Well I couldn't get the brush through it until I'd gotten at least 90% of the water out. At first my root area felt ok as I was drying. But oh god, it's bad.

    My root area isn't too horrific feeling. The rest of my hair feels and looks like I've put in half a tub of hard wax. Iv lost a load of colour, which is gutting as I'd gotten it to a point where I could grow it out but now it's lightened and a bit of red seems to be shining through, hard to tell as it looks like its wet! The most heartbreaking thing is where I had some breakage at the front it has gotten worse. I now have a load of 1.5" long hairs stoking straight up on the front left of my hairline.

    My scalp doesn't itch finally, but my hair is ruined. I did this to remove the cones before attempting to switch to conditioner washing. Damage is now unfortunately done.
  7. KayaPapaya
    Have you looked at Burt's Bees shampoo?

    It's not pro and I can't find an ingredients list but my friend with allergy prone children uses it.
  8. *Carly*
    Thanks, I've not tried burts bees. They sell it in holland and barret though so I will go in person and check out the ingredients list.

    Someone mentioned naked, but the post isn't visible for some reason (went into my email though?). I have loads of their product sat in a giveaway/swap box. My skin was terrible when I used their stuff. No idea exactly why but it was so so bad and took ages to recover.

    Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to conditioner wash. It can't look worse than it currently does. Gutted I have to get my hair coloured again, because its so stripped it will need a full colour urgh.

    Hubby came home and wondered what that horrifying smell was. That'll be the vinegar. Lovely.

  9. KayaPapaya
    Silly question but what does your hairdresser use when she shampoos out your colour?

    Does that cause a reaction?

    Do antihistamines help prevent a reaction?

    If your hair is getting knotty and out of condition can you try a leave in conditioner spray? Just apply to mid lengths and ends if your scalp is irritated?
  10. *Carly*
    They use wella I think, though I can't remember which one. Leaves hair lovely but scalp itchy and lumpy. Tbh I don't care so much as I'm so used to an itchy scalp. It's great at the salon because obviously with the backwash I don't get residue down my back and chest so it doesn't irritate my body. I'd feel a tool asking them to just wash my hair for me though and no way can I afford frequent blowdrys. I could get hubby to help me wash over the bath but I don't want product going all over my face either.

    Antihistamines help but not completely. I used to take one daily but stopped because it wasnt a complete cure and I was concerned about taking it every day. Basically it just aggravates my acne prone sensitive skin. My friend has started using a topical antihistamine cream recently and she's been raving about it so I'm going to pick some up.

    Every shampoo makes my head itchy, tbh I think today's experiment has left my scalp feeling the best it ever has, a shame it's trashed my hair! I found a few that didn't break out my body but they made my hair rubbish. I'm scared to try things but if I can find a trial size of the Pureology or maybe a different sulfate free one by Bain de terre it might be worth a go. I just can't afford to spend tons on expensive brands if it turns out I can't use them.

    I was using serums and oils to make my hair feel better, but obviously they are full of cones that are hard to get out without sulfates. I think I'll try and make a spray in with diluted cone free conditioner.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to try conditioner washing. Wish me luck! I will update xx
  11. Nikinkibabyx
  12. *Carly*
    Aw thanks and thanks so much for all the help and support. Xx

    It could be worth trying a different castile. Ive switched from dr bronners to a solid olive castile made in greece for my body and it is totally different, less drying and lathers much less, though it still leaves a ton of scum on the bath. I've debated grating it with hot water to get it into a liquid form but I think Castile just has too high a ph for coloured hair and the scum it leaves can't be good. Must get litmus papers and test.

    I just let down my hair and brushed it to thoroughly examine it and, forgetting the colour disaster for a moment, the root area looks really good. Clean, weirdly silky and nice, it's the rest of it which is coated in waxy residue. So I've figured out I probably didn't get the apple cider vinegar through it all and must have concentrated on the root area thoroughly but not the rest; well I did have vinegar in my eye at the time! I think if my hair was shorter and virgin it could have worked well. Also using a spray bottle or applicator nozzle would have been more precise than just tipping it all over! Would have avoided the sore eye too.

    I read that one after I checked out the other link! Seeing as its just coconut milk and aloe, I think it would probably work better for short hair or someone who has already trained their hair to work with no-poo. I can't imagine it would cleanse any better than conditioner, though I can't see that cleansing either. I tried out the body wash recipe (vaguely modified if I recall) a few weeks ago, before I switched to the olive soap. It was useless. I had to use tons and tons of it to wash, adding more to the shower pouf after each body part, sometimes multiple times. I have really hard water here, which doesnt help, I really should get a new filter for my shower.

    I just looked up other Bain de terre sulfate free shampoos. It did make me itchy and I got spots around my hairline but my body could mostly tolerate it (itchy but didn't break out much). Tons of reviews saying the same as I experienced though, heavy and waxy roots. Gah. Plus they all contain proteins which I think may have caused breakage.

    Tomorrow is experiment number 2. It's just conditioner so I'm pretty confident the worse that can happen is dirty greasy hair. Today's was a total and utter fail BUT my scalp isn't itchy which is fab!! At least there's a positive and I won't be scratching myself to ribbons all night. Xx
  13. TEN:10
    So I've done the move recently to trying Sulphate free & it has been a pain looking for products that are also Silicone free (as apparently sulphate free shampoos aren't as good at getting rid of silicones so you can get build up).

    I've settled for the Loreal range you can get at Boots, they have a few different ones but I went for Everstrong as it was for sensitive scalps. The first couple of washes I wasn't impressed, but now I love - no more irritated scalp! I shampoo twice then condition once and use a silicone free heat protecting serum,

    With moisturisers, my best has been Aveeno Moisturising Oil Lotion as it absorbs quickly and doesn't irritate me - actually have had two doctors recommend it too.

    Hope you find something that works for you - I know what a nightmare it is!!!!
  14. annojf
    So intrigued by this post so google some organic shampoo's. What about these ingredients


    Shampoo is from this link . My son has allergies and bad skin. If he has a breakout I use 100% raw she a butter. It's chunks which you have to warm in your hand (or I put a pot on the radiator to go gooey) and it makes skin so soft.
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  15. Cholo
    I'm allergic to different ingredients but ones that are in roughly 95% of everyday products so I know how difficult it is.

    Dr Bronners isn't recommended for hair- it's about the only use they don't recommend.

    A Trichologist recommended the Neutrogena T/Gel range to me. The other range recommended is Salcura - it is free from SLS, perfume, colourings & chemicals.

    Hope this helps.

    NB. I'd also see your GP, when I react to something they prescribe a heavier duty antihistamine (Fexofenadine)
  16. Nikinkibabyx
    That would sound perfect! If Carly, the original poster, wasn't allergic to lavender 🙉👎! X
  17. annojf
    Oh no was looking at all the chemicals that didn't match didn't realise they had thrown lavender in there. Boo. For her skin though Def give the shea chunks a try x

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  18. caitlinlara
    I am nearly 100% positive that 'joico' range is sulphate free and isn't full of silicone. U said your condition wasn't great ... well joico have a fab reconstructor range ( gold bottle) it's brill I recommend it to clients with extensions xxx

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  19. hhew
    Hi. I haven't read through every comment so please excuse me if I am already repeating someone else. I work in an Aveda salon and all our products are free from all sodium laurel sulphites xx
  20. Teebster
    Just looked up Liz Earle shampoo, is that any good?

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