Spa Towels & Robes (really nice ones!!) where do you get yours from?


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Lady B

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Dec 4, 2007
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Isle of Man
Hi, can anyone out there let me know of a website/company that I can purchase really nice spa towels, robes etc. I am opening my own skincare centre and only want the best. I have looked on all the usual sites, beauty express etc, but I haven't really been happy with the sort they all sell. I have looked through my professional spa magazine, but I cant seem to find what I am looking for! Any help would be great!
I second Majestic. I have bought all my towels from them and they're great.
Check out if this company has a UK distributer. They have some fab colours & are bleachsafe. They do a size that is great to cover your massage table or cover your client
I nick them from Hotels :)
I use Asda luxury egyptian towels, they wash up brilliantly without loosing colour or softness.
My clients love them!!
I use majestic for all my towels and robes love em!
Seaham Hall use waffle robes and waffle pj bottoms with drawstring, the towels are white with their name embossed on them.
all in brilliant white.

think Ive seen some waffle products in the Ellisons magazine.
majestic for me too x
Thanks everyone - this is the first time I have done this - I can't believe how helpful you all are out there! I will have a look at all your suggestions and let you know how I get on!! Thank you:)
Anyone used Towels Direct?
They have some lovely colours...
Hi Try HTG towels - they have lovely colours - they also have another company called tempus clothing which make lovely salon wear.:)

i used towels direct and they are so cheap to buy and they've lasted me a while now. will use them again
Easydry has a range of disposables in white, black and pink. THey are so handy to use - think of the time and money you can save if you don't have to laundry.
OOh just seen this revisited thread.... i was joking i don't really nick them :lol:
I get mine from EnvyTan. They are black, which is great for me. The robes are cotton and very comfortable. Hope this helps!

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